The Black Sky Project Guide:Promote Your Level

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The Black Sky Project

Welcome to You First Day

Hello there new guy!Welcome to the Black Sky Project.It's a guide about how to start this game and promote you level. Read this,start the game.

So, you're going to log in, and find that you only have a few hundred resources, and immediately want to start building mines. Please stop! There are always plenty of people willing to help you out, so here's what I do:

1. Build Solar Power Plant to Level 3 to start, before doing anything else. If you don't have energy, your mines won't produce at maximum level. That will use almost all your metal, so the next thing is...

2. Contact an older player who has a decent statistics line! Yes, many of us are more than willing to share a few hundred thousand resources with you to help you out. That will help you build yourself up to a high level. Having friends is great.

3. Your first impulse will be "When can I create more planets, and how do I build ships and attack people?" I can help you there. First, the biggest thing for lower level players is to unlock Heavy Cargo and Heavy Fighters. It'll take just a little bit to do so, but that will help you gain more resources (Light Cargo doesn't hold very much). In order to do so, remember....

4. You don't need to build your Solar Power Plant each time you need power. The easiest way to get power (as long as you're not far away from the Sun in your Galaxy) is to build Solar Satellites. Build Robot Factory to level 2, and Ship yard to level 1. From there, you can build Solar Satellites (they cost 2,000 Crystal and 500 Deut per), to get power, and they're much cheaper than the Solar Power Plant (and they don't use Deut like the Deut Power Plant).

5. A level 1 Solar Power Plant gives enough power for a Level 1 Crystal Mine and a Level 1 Metal Mine, a Level 27 Solar Power Plant gives enough power for a Level 27 Metal and a level 27 Crystal mine. If you have enough fields Solar Power Plants are pretty decent because unlike Solar Satellites a plant can't be destroyed.

6.You loot half of the player's resources assuming the ships you are attacking with have enough storage, so unless the player has gargantuan amounts of resources you probably only'd want to hit 2 times.

7. When you finally get to where you can attack players, remember a couple of things. First, they're new players just like you. They are trying to build themselves up. There are plenty of inactive players you can attack for decent resources (the first research you should do is Spy Technology, as getting that to level 4 will tell you what you need to know about any inactive player), and you can then send your Heavy Cargo/Heavy Fighters to inactive players, and farm some decent resources. Remember...

8. If you hit active players a lot, you're more than likely going to make some of the larger players mad. When you do that, and get to 3,000 (or 5,000, can't remember which one it is at the moment), they can then attack you. If you attack an Alliance member, be prepared to face the entire alliance. The rules state that you can only attack active players a maximum of 6 times per day, but I'd recommend hitting them a max of 1-2 times.

9. Finding an alliance that's right for you is easy. There are a lot of helpful players out there. I run one, I know a few others who do as well, and we're all more than willing to help out. We communicate in different ways, being in game messages, IRC (we use IRC for TLG), or here at the forums. Find one you can get along with, and join up. When you do, however, remember that an Alliance is only as good as the people in it, so you need to cooperate and get involved. If you're at war with someone, try to help your Alliance by doing whatever it is that you do (some focus on resources, some focus on fleet size, and so on), and attacking players in the enemy alliance. That is what war is all about, after all.

10. Finally, have fun! This game will become more complex as it develops, and you're better off to make friends, get into it, and experience the whole thing.

Hope you will enjoy this game!



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