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Terra Bellica

Terra Bellica is a free online political and military real time war strategy game with different types of troops, military equipment, transports and ships. This game is played on a large global map with thousands of players. You can found castles where you want, develop army and navy, day by day build your empire, and, of course, participate in wars - Terra Bellica has a unique tactical system. To start playing you do not need to install anything - just go through a simple registration form.

Terra Bellica

Game Features

 The landscape of this strategy game is varied - oceans, continents, islands, swamps, forests; each cell effects differently the economy of the players or can be used as a strategic advantage in wars.

Terra Bellica

Castles are the basis of economic power of the players - they allow to gather the resources, create artifacts and spells, recruit troops and heroes. Castles can be based on any part of the land and get destroyed by other players.

Terra Bellica

An extraordinary range of strategic possibilities - there are more than 50 types of units, each has its own characteristics (different types of troops, military equipment, transport and ships) at your disposal.

Terra Bellica

Powerful political strategy component - sometimes the fate of the clans is settled not on the battlefield, but much earlier - by influencing public opinion, using diplomacy and political intrigue.



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