Tanki Online Guide: New Player Tips

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Tanki Online

Here are some tips will help you to become "an experienced beginner", who doesn't ask silly questions in game chat and generally gets more fun from the game. Check below:

FAQ: New Player Tips

From the official forum

What are rank requirements?

When a player creates a battle, he or she can specify the rank requirements for players that can enter the battle. The battles that are not available to you due to your rank are displayed in grey. This allows matching players of equal skill: beginners fight beginners and veterans fight veterans. Although, it is possible to create a battle with no rank requirements (high rank players in the top level tanks can still one shot you, even if the battle is marked as "For beginners"). It is recommended to pay attention at the rank requirements before entering a battle.

What buttons do I have to push make my tank move and shoot things?

The tank can be controlled with arrow or WASD keys, to shoot – press "Spacebar", to rotate the turret – press "Z" and "X" keys.


"1-4" – Use a consumable (First Aid (Repair Kit), Double Armour, Double Damage, Nitro). Effect of a consumable lasts around 1 minute.
"F" – Drop the flag. (Available in Capture the Flag mode only).
"+/"-" - Increase, decrease the game screen. Smaller screen provides higher FPS rates.
"Tab" – Shows the scoreboard of current battle. The scoreboard displays names and scores of the players participating in a battle.
Arrow or WASD keys – Tank movement keys
"Z"," X" or <,> - Turret rotation
"C" – Centre the turret
"Spacebar" - Shoot
"Del" – Self-destruction. Takes time to self-destruct.
"P" - Pause.

"Page Up"/"Page Down" – Change camera position
"Enter" – type a message in the chat, press Enter again to send the message.
"Ctrl" + "Enter" or "T" – Team chat.

Please note, that pressing multiple keys simultaneously may cause errors on some PCs, especially when arrow keys are used for movement. It may make tank unable to shoot while moving, or rotate the turret while shooting. We don’t yet have an option to customize controls, but you can use WASD keys as alternative controls.

How do I use consumables?

The consumables are available for purchase in the garage: First Aid (Repair Kit), Nitro, Double Armor and Double Damage. To activate a consumable during a battle, you must press 1,2,3 or 4 key . 1 – First Aid (Repair Kit), 2 – Double Armor, 3 – Double Damage, 4 – Nitro.

How long does the effect of consumables last?

First Aid (Repair Kit) restores tank's hit points up to 100% instantly. It requires some time to use it again, so you will be unable to use to spam this ability in combat. The effect of other power-ups purchased in the garage lasts 1 minute. The effect of the power-ups picked up on the battle field lasts 40 seconds.

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