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By: Vincent077

General Info

Viking is a mix of speed and health. Some players say it sucks at both things, while others say it rocks at both things. Viking is known as a flatty as it is very wide, but not high, so it would be good for a base of a tank tower. With its square and strong heavy rear, if it reverses full speed into a parked hornet's side, it would probably tip it over. Viking and twins can easilly do that by ramming with the front of the tank. Viking is probably best for shaft, since it is quite strong, and can get into sniping positions quicker.

Tanki Online

Here it is.

Viking m0, 100 health, 5.5 speed.

Viking m1, 109 health, 5.8 speed.

Viking m2, 125 health, 6.5 speed.

Viking m3, 150 health, 7.5 speed.

For Warrant Officer 1's who just got it

Welcome to your new tank, Viking. If you have been using Hornet, this is kind of an improved version. You probably wouldn't notice too much speed difference, but you will notice the fact that you can survive M3 Railgun hits, and it will take 4, not 3, shots of a Thunder M0, M1 to kill you. But and M2, or M3 Thunder can easilly 2-shot a Hornet, but sometimes its 4 shots on a viking, sometimes its 3 shots. This gives you a perfect chance for using a railgun. If you decide to camp, you can easilly take a Thunder, unless if you miss, or the Thunder starts getting close, (about the range of twins max damage). Now, DUELING. Viking is very good for dueling. Let's say a enemy has a M0 Mammoth and a M3 Firebird, while you have a M0 Viking and a M0 Ricochet. Ok, so when the Firebird pops around a corner unexpectedly, and starts shooting you, you don't just sit there and shoot back! Make use of it's speed. Viking is fast then Mammoth by far! Don't reverse, because the Firebird will get a good 2 more seconds of hits dealing 24, +12 for longer range (15 - 20m) so it gets a additional 36 damage. NO POINT OF THAT!!! Just circle around it, the Firebirder probably would miss a couple shots since its only hope is turning the turret because the tank sucks with speed. While circling around, shoot it, then escape it by getting away after about a 270 degrees turn. The turn would make the enemy think "WTF!!!???" and it will miss about 2 times. While running, FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! Mammoth isn't indestructible and should die eventually after about 15 shots!!!

What to do If?

A freeze is approaching, you would have the speed to avoid it. Try to go round many corners as possible and shoot it while your running.

I'm cornered! HELP! a Firebird/Isida/Freeze/Twins are coming!!! If you got Rico, try climbing, if you got a gun like theres but a lesser upgrade, go past their side and fire.

A enemy is approaching with a Thunder, I only got half health! Charge him! make him hit himself!


Viking can fit through small gaps using railgun, and being on its side.

Viking can climb with Ricochet, it is just a bit harder.

Viking cannot fit through small gaps like wasp and hornet, however it is very useful for holding up a tank ontop of you.


I really like Viking!!! It is great!!! I have decided to improve it!!! Now with M1 Viking, you should survive 2 M2 Rail attacks, and it takes 4 shots from a Thunder to kill you. This is a big improvement, and the speed is more closer to hornet. This power is hard to identify because M0 looks much like M1. Only if you look closely you could see the difference. So enemies think: "Oh yeah whatever he has M0 Viking easy! I'll just do this and this and this and be done with him!"


Ok so I have decided to make a big save and get this. Now I have the health about as much as a Mammoth and the speed of basicly a M0 Hornet. This tank still looks like M0 Viking, long rangers won't notice the difference. It should take between 4 and 5 Thunder hits, and sometimes SOMETIMES, you may surive TWO M3 Railgu attacks. Now this would excite those newbies, because they hate getting 1 shotted. So if it mean SOMETIMES you can survive 2, it means SOMETIMES you can survive one with a Nuke. This tank is also very good speed as I have mentioned, It is like a Hornet M0.


Hooray I have the ultimate tank; M3 Viking!!! I have really enjoyed playing with it, and I have decided to get M3. Now this brilliant tank is the speed EXACTLY of a M1 Hornet, and the Health of two M1 Hornets, so you would survive TWO M3 Railgun hits nearly all of the time. The tank of super strong health, also equal to 2 M0 Titans and a M0 Wasp all combined into ONE tank!!! and the Speed of a M1 Hunter with Nitro. PS, Viking is a improved version of Hunter, They are both moderate with speed and health. Now the M3 Viking guy would probably use a Thunder, a Freeze, or a Shaft. All of those guns fit nicely into this brilliant tank.

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