Tanki Online Guide: Smoky

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Tanki Online


  • Fast reload
  • Good knock-back
  • Easy aiming
  • M0 cost nothing
  • Kill-stealing is as easy as using thunder
  • 2 shots of M3 Smoky = 1 shot of M3 thunder
  • Cheap


  • Lowish damage
  • Damage gets smaller as the enemy is farther
  • Low accuracy in long range
  • Takes awhile to kill big tanks

Things to Remember:

  • You can make rails miss easily if you shoot at their side
  • You're great for causing panic and cover fire with m2-m3 Smoky
  • Great to pick enemies off 1 by 1 in mid range
  • You can kill thunders easy as pie as long as you know how fast they reload and how to shoot their sides to make them miss
  • When in a Smoky vs Smoky battle, and you are getting smoked, let enemy smoky shoot first then shoot back right when he/she is about to shoot to make them lose aim
  • Always shoot when your jumping...Don't be a newbie!
  • Smokey is good in all tanks, even Wasp!

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