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Tanki Online

The shaft is a great gun for sniping in large maps while hiding in a closed place! Other than that, it is very difficult. to load the gun you have to hit the space bar and keep on holding it until it hits the minimum required charge. Make shore you do not exceed the maximum of the charge bar because then it may not fire. to aim when you are scoping you can aim by using the arrow keys. A great spot to use the shaft in the new silence is on the blue team near the tunnel behind the building and the bridge to the top of the map using that small space to aim through and then just keep on constiantley loading the gun and releasing when someone from the red team comes up the bridge to the platform level you are on (hint, aim for the isdas!). please help me with pictures, and other tips so I can add them too!

Tanki Online

-SNIPING SPOTS SNIPING SPOT SNIPING SPOTS! I cannot emphasize the importance of finding a GOOD sniping spot (should be OBVIOUS) but with the amount of people saying that they are getting low kd ratios, apparently they aren't because they keep getting killed)

-always keep your gun partly charged up. as in, alternate between tapping ur space bar and letting it go BEFORE it reaches the blue line, tap-let go-tap-let go so that it is easier to charge up when there is an enemy in sight. -as to the shaking, thats normal, just deal with it, its not too hard to keep it centered, and if you can't control it then....maybe you shouldn't be sniping?

-the angle at which u fire is also important. against other snipers, aiming for their body can throw off their shots, especially if they are aiming at you. it can also deflect the shots of enemies trying to shoot your teammates, but I only expect pro snipers to be able to tell who's shooting who.

-ALWAYS kill the isida first. i don't remember who said it, but "an enemy without his medic is an enemy quickly dead" theyre usually in hornets so OHKO's always work against them.

-and as always, use your head! don't go out in the open, ur a sitting duck. you can't capture flags unless its a small game (in which u shud NOT be there since its SMALL), you can't engage melee targets (isida, freeze, flames) unless from far away. if they do come, hiding will usually protect you, unless they are in a weaker tank, in which a charged shot should be able to take them out.

finally, if it's not your style, don't use it! I hate seeing noobs that don't know how to fire just run around not doing anything, not helping the team or being easy kills (especially annoying if it's a deathmatch). HAVE FUN with the weapon, its a different playing style that suits some people and not others, but if you can master the shaft, it is a rewarding sniping experience that doesn't come close to what the rail has to offer!"

Tanki Online

It just basically revolves around a single spot rather than what some other games have. And yes the sniper barrel in the modern games does move because of the human breathing and in tanks it moves because of the sensitive controls.

-Use railgun skills to shoot.

-Make sure you anticipate your target's movements.

-Don't panic.

-Don't get put off.

-Don't randomly wave about when someone is shooting you but stick with your target.

-Try to anticipate your shaft gun's small movements.

-If the game you are in isn't working for shaft don't try to get it to work. Just switch battle.

-Don't consider yourself underpowered."

Tanki Online

Tanki Online

Sniping spots are best behind bushes or trees, because you can see THROUGH them with the scope! Not sure if anyone else noticed that or not but enemies can't see you as well. And also, even if you can't charge fully, if they are about to exit your line of fire, shoot them, because often times they've already been shot by someone else, and shaft is GREAT for stealing kills hahahahha, you never know!"



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