Tanki Online: Ricochet Guide

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Tanki Online
  M0 M1 M2 M3
Price 650 +2000 +6000 +18000
Swing sped 1.3 1.4 1.45 2.1
Damage 10-12 10-13 11-15 12-16
Shots per tube 13 14 15 17
Recharge (sec) 10.52 10 9 8

Charges bounce off obstacles

Firing range: under 60 m — 100%, after 80 m — 0%

Ricochet is the most verstaile weapon in the game. Opposed to all the other tier2 weapon ricochet has no mass damage, like twins but slower fire and more damage, Rico is still the most effective though. It causes massive damage to one target ( no splash ) ,easily steals flags from its rivals and it is perfect for fast killing both enemy tanks with any long range guns, and enemy Isidas and Freezes from distance so they can have no effect on you.Ricochet also has two distinctive features: it has moderate recoil and huge physical effect on enemy tanks, and its charges bounce off obstacles. Combined with advanced homing system this gives Ricochet player a visible advantage.

& A perfect combination of massive damage and medium range.

Ricochet is great for both DM and CTF modes. Medium range of fire helps Ricochet killing defending Freezes from safe distance and use ricochets for its own advantage in urban warfare.

Best matching hulls for mounting Ricochet:

Ricochet requires high-stability tank hulls, which means that Dictators and Hornets are not the best choices.

Viking is the best possible choice for designing an assault tank for CTF mode. Perfect for both capturing and delivering enemy flags, and for returning own flag.

Of course Mammoth is not for attacking enemy base in CTF mode, but it is still good for Deathmatches. As for defending the base it looks like Thunder, Freeze and Shaft are better choices.

Ricochet: PROs and CONs

(+) PROs

  • Ricochet is versatile and obviously overpowered.
  • The best tank gun for returning own flag.
  • Ricochet effectively kills Isidas and Freezes from safe distance.

(-) CONs

  • Aiming moving targets from a distance is tricky.
  • You may run out of plasma at the most inappropriate moment.

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