Tanki Online Guide: Keyboard Layout

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Tanki Online

Default layout

I bet you remember this picture:

Tanki Online

By default you’re supposed to control your movement by using arrow keys, swinging tank turret with "Z & X" keys, and lift and lower camera view with "Page Up & Page Down" keys. From my opinion this layout is crap, don’t use it! Especially if you’re skilled in playing first-person shooters on PC. This way you’ve probably got used of moving your character with your left hand on keyboard, while aiming and shooting with the mouse in your right hand. Fortunately there’s no need to switch hands and retrain for playing Tanki Online.

Recommended layout

I personally recommend using a different layout, which should suit most Tanki Online players. Use your left hand on "WASD" keys for controlling movement, your index and middle finger on "< & >" keys for swinging tank turret and your ring finger on "[ & ]" keys to control camera view.

One hand to rule them all layout

Here’s another nice layout, adopted by many Tanki Online players. Use your left hand on "WASD" keys and on "Z & X" (or "Q & E") keys to control both tank movement and your turret. This way your right hand is free to control camera view with "Page Up & Page Down" keys and quickly activate supplies without stopping.

Common keys

Don't forget about common keys, used regardless of layout you choose:

  • Shoot "Space Bar" your enemies, center "C" the turret and track "TAB" the score.
  • Use supplies "12345" for your advantage.
  • Increase "+" or decrease "-" screen size depending on your FPS (frames per second) rate.
  • Pause "P" the game if you want to leave your tank for a couple of minutes (up to 5 minutes!)
  • Drop your flag "F" in CTF games in case your tank was flipped over (and many other game situations), so your teammates may take it before your enemies.
  • There are different keys for chat "Enter" and team chat "CTRL+Enter" (which means press and hold "CTRL" key and then press "Enter" key). To avoid confusion I recommend using "T" key for team chat instead of "CTRL+Enter".

Recommendations on getting used to Tanki Online controls

1) Start using your turret from the very beginning. Swinging turret gives Tanki player an obvious advantage over enemies. Master that skill continuously. Don’t use camera view keys much yet, focus on turret controls. Don’t use a center key – it is useless in Tanki Online. Practice on such popular Tanki maps as Sandbox, Polygon, Boombox, Sandal, etc.

2) When playing Smoky or Twins lower the camera for better aim and lift it up to see enemy disposition. Do it frequently. Get used of it.

3) The best map for mastering camera view controls is Fort Knox 2. Create a battle at Fort Knox 2 and make this battle private by checking the corresponding checkbox (so none will bother you). Try going from your base to enemy base and back, continuously controlling your turret and camera view. It should look similar to the video shown below.

Always lower you camera manually every time you drive through the gates or under the bridges and lift it up immediately after you get out of there. Lift or lower the camera to find a better look at your opponents and the enemy base. In fact when playing on Fort Knox 2 map your camera should always be moving up and down and your turret should be swinging from side to side in search of enemies. After you feel you’ve had enough, join a random battle at Fort Knox 2 and apply your new skills at real battle.

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