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Tanki Online

By AwesomeBlake33712

Tanki Online

A few words to Desribe Hornet

- Fast.

- Fun (You can have races ) 

- Small (Hard to hit, can get in secret places)- You can do flips and tricks it's so light! also in 

- Can run circles around stablized shaft and mammoth people literally!

- Makes Short Range guns effective.


Hornet is a speed tank ment for a cheaper, and better replacement for M3 Wasp.

M3 Wasp has 60 health, and moves 7 meters a second, and costs 500. Hornet is unlocked 3 ranks after M3 Wasp, but has 65 health, same speed, and costs only 450.

But there are some other advanatages to Wasp M3.

- It is smaller,

- It unlocks earlier.

Unfortunately, you have to upgrade to M1, and M2 before buying M3. Hornet, you can buy Hornet straight away at a Segeant-major rank.

With Smokey

Stay around near the back, and find a spot for cover. If you are pushing the enemy back, and your getting closer to their main spawning area, or their flag, Move up into improved closer camping or cover spots.

With Firebird

CHARGE!!! Be the first person at the front of a line, Or, Stay behind a stronger tank who has a close range gun. M3 Firebird, and M0 Hornet for a Segeant-major is a good player who is going to do good. Either charge enemies first off, or if they have a lot of fire power, stay behind a stronger bigger tank who is up the front and hit from there.

WIth Twins

Drive towards your enemy non-stop shooting. Each little shot bubble pushes them backwards about a foot. Ramming a enemy while shooting M3 twins, you can tip them over.

With Railgun

Sniper/Camper. Use for stationary camping and sniping, occasionally move to other spots. With hornet, you can jump from spot to spot quickly.

With Isida

Best match for Isida. Isida is the lowest ranged gun, so it needs a nice fast tank like hornet to help it. You can catch up to your teamates, and back away from enemies, hide in sneaker spots, and Chase down those snipers and campers with Hornet and Isida.

With Thunder

A camping mix I use 99% of the time. I suggest stay around the middle area of your attack group. Camp, and shoot. If twins are approaching you, shoot the twins opponent, and then run. More info on Thunder read Koolwalky's Thunder guide.

With Freeze

Good for sneaking around, escially coming up behind them and going SUPRISE! or you may choose to hide in a spot near your flag, and when the enemy zooms in to take it, start freeze and chasing him around. Untill you kill him.

With Ricochet

Hornet and Ricochet are the No 1. tricks and hiding match. You can reverse up cliffs while shooting so slowly push you up.

With Shaft

Shaft is a slow turning gun. You need a fast tank to support that. Don't zoom in as much as you would with a mammoth, Shaft with Hornet is good for Chasing them down untill they are in a spot with no cover, so zoom in and blast 'em to death!

What If

Another hornet is sneakilly hiding with a M3 rail ready to blast you in 1 shot (If you have M0 or M1 Hornet) and you have Firebird, Isida, Twins, or Freeze?

A: Railgun takes more than a second to charge and fire. Take use of that by poking half of your tank out, and then hide again. He charges, when he is fully charged, and his energy bar is empty, you'll be hiding and he shoots without cancelling and misses. THEN take your oppertunity to come out and blast him while he is reloading.

You're 1 on 1 with a Viking or a Mammoth.

A:keep a long range so you are a small target, and very hard to hit. Be sure to pack a long range gun for that, or, quickly jump from cover area to cover area, untill you are close and he is in your range. Then blast the crap outta him!

Jumping Help M3 Hornet in test server

Hornet M2 with nitro can make pretty much every jump. Eg. Monte Carlo, Atra II, ect.

Hornet M0 with full speed can make the jump in Monte Carlo while using Nitro.

Be careful no long-range gun is aiming at you just before you jump. If they are, they will blast you in mid-air tipping you over. So look before speeding and jumping.

Ways to Tell The upgrades.

M0 - has nothing except 1 black line at the back.

Tanki Online

M1 - same as M0 except has little black dots at the back.

Tanki Online

M2 - has dots at the back, and has grey circles on the back edge near the tracks.

Tanki Online

M2 hornet as well

Tanki Online

M3 - has fans all over it. At the front tracks, and at the a back.

Tanki Online


- Never shoot, while whizzing around a corner with nitro. You'll flip back (If you shoot with Thunder, Smokey, Shaft, Rail).

A: You could slow down around corners with nitro, to about half speed, and you shouldn't tip.

- Never shoot while in the air after a ramp. Here is and Example:

A: shoot when your whole tank is on the ramp still, but you have to be good.

- It's low health.

A: Try to avoid the snipers and campers, and the thunders that could take you down.

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