A Comprehensive Guide into Tanki Online 2.0 (including links to Tanki 2.0 demos!)

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Tanki Online

Alternativa 3D (Tanki Online developer) started developing their next-gen game Tanki Online 2.0 as early as in 2009! So it’s 2 years now. The whole story is a legend of its own, so with your tacit agreement I’ll skip it. All we simple Tanki players know is that the concept on Tanki Online 2.0 as we know it was finally adhered by summer 2011. From that moment the developer switched from developing for obsolete Adobe Flash Player 10 to 11 (which is mainstream now) having 3D hardware support.

Early version of Tanki Online 2.0 (as of May 2010) looked like an improved version of the current Tanki game

One year later: Tanki Online 2.0 as of May 2011

So comparing these two versions of Tanki Online 2.0 we can see that the latter has 3D accelerated graphics, which means that if you have a modern low-end graphic card Tanki 2.0 should run smoothly on your system.

Remind you that current version of Tanki Online uses software 3D renderer which requires too much processor resources to run. In terms of visual quality the difference between current version of Tanki Online and future Tanki Online 2.0 should be like this:

Tanki Online

Before and After: Ricochet M3 + Viking M3 + Flora paint

Tanki 2.0 demos

In early October 2011 Alternativa 3D took part in Adobe MAX conference in Los-Angeles, showing (among other things) two newly developed demos of Tanki Online 2.0. After the conference both demos were published on their website, so you may check ‘em out. Be warned that firstly, these are just demos and they don’t represent the final quality of the game (e.g. both Smoky and Thunder guns have identical explosion effect, which will surely be reworked), and secondly, those demos were made to run on OS Windows with Flash Player 11 and may not work properly on other operational systems.

The first demo is a conversion of good old Sandbox map (in Tanki Online 2.0 it's Arena). The second demo represents a brand new Crash map.

Socialize 2.0

The server-end of Tanki Online 2.0 is a cluster, supporting numerous Tanki Online battle servers all over the world. No more manual jumping between different Tanki servers – in Tanki 2.0 the process of switching between servers will be absolutely transparent (and unnoticeable) to players. You may also search for battles you like by setting additional battle parameters (map type, battle name, number of flags/frags, time etc.)

Another good news about Tanki Online 2.0 is that you may start your own Friends (and maybe Foes) list. Just check a player you know as a Friend and you’ll be able to privately chat with that player (of group of players), know if your Friend is online and which battle he plays. Or find your Foe, which battle he plays and punish him!

Clans will be making a glorious comeback in Tanki Online 2.0. Each clan will have its own page with member list, admission rules, etc. and its own fund, distributed among the members by the head of the clan.

In Tanki Online 2.0 all your progress will be recorded. The game will record everything: number of tanks you destroyed, guns you used, distance driven for each of your tank hulls, flags delivered – everything. All these information will be available in your profile, together with additional information and contacts you choose to publicly share.

The only drawback for old tankers is that all stats in Tanki Online 2.0 will be recorded from scratch, cos sadly none of them are available from the current version of Tanki Online. Except for the score, number of kills / deaths and some other minor figures.

Tanki 2.0 balance

It is no secret that the current version of Tanki Online has major balance issues. First of all, tier 1 guns and hulls are totally crap compared to M3 modifications tier 2 stuff. This narrows down the range of guns available for high-level Tanki players to 4 guns out of 9, which is a shame. To say nothing about tank hulls.

In Tanki Online 2.0 all tank guns will be leveled in terms of firepower. So in Tanki Online 2.0 Smoky + Wasp combination is coming back! Meaning that Smoky gun will be as effective at Marshal rank as Shaft. The same thing is with tank hulls.

Guns and hulls availability will also be changed in Tanki Online 2.0. It was recently announced that M0 modifications will become available from Private to Sergeant, M1 modifications – from Staff Sergeant to WO5, M2 modifications – from Third Lieutenant to Colonel, and M3 modifications will be available from Brigadier to Marshal. All the above is provisional, of course, and may change before Tanki Online 2.0 final release.

There also going to be three more ranks after Marshal, namely Field Marshal, Commander and Generalissimo (rank names were translated from Russian and are hence provisional).

Tanki Online

Three new Tanki Online 2.0 ranks: Field Marshal, Commander and Generalissimo!

All values in terms of hull armor, gun damage and prices will be completely rebalanced. It was announced that the average price for M3 package (tank gun + hull) will be even lower than in current version of Tanki Online.

The trick is that apart from guns, hulls and paints we'll have "Devices" (or maybe "Modules"). There going to be protective modules for sure (in substitute or protective coverings in the current version of Tanki Online; paints in Tanki Online 2.0 are not going to have any resistances, they're going to be just paints). There also may appear other Devices such as "Radar" and others.

You’ll have free slots for your supplies and devices (it looks like in Tanki Online 2.0 you’ll have the same slots both for supplies and devices, so you may decide for example to mount more devices at the expense of supplies). The number of available slots will vary in accordance with your rank. The higher your rank is, the more free slots you’ll get. That’s another reason (apart from the fact that tank guns and hulls will be stretched over ranks) to pump your account to Marshal and beyond.

Economics and transition to Tanki Online 2.0 issues

Expect global inflation in Tanki Online 2.0 – all prices and prize Crystals for playing in battles will be bigger by an order or so, compared to what we have in the current version of Tanki Online. That will be taken into account when making a transition – you’ll get much more Crystals than you have right now. Tankers will also get a refund for each rank (cos in Tanki Online 2.0 all newly registered gamers will get "salary" for ranking up).

But the most noticeable change in economics will be the second currency: in Tanki Online 2.0 apart from good old Crystals there going to be Rubies. In Tanki 2.0 the better the modification is, the more Rubies you’ll have to spend to upgrade your tank gun or hull. But how do you get Rubies in Tanki Online 2.0?

1.First of all, you can buy Rubies for real money. Then you may spend Rubies for upgrades or exchange them to Crystals in case you’re short on Crystals.

2.Second, golden boxes in Tanki Online will be full of Rubies. Want to win prize Rubies in the game – hunt for golden boxes!

3.Third, there going to be some kind of "missions" in Tanki Online 2.0, by completing which you’ll get prize Rubies. The nature of missions is still unknown.

When making a transition of your Tanki Online account to Tanki 2.0 some part of your Crystals will be accounted as Rubies. So you could play the new game without any restrictions. You’ll also get the sum you’ve already donated into the current version of Tanki Online as Rubies. In case you've donated into the game having a Double Crystal card, you’ll get only half of the sum in Rubies (the one you’ve paid in real money). The second (bonus) part will be in Crystals.

So what’s going to happen with your current account in Tanki Online after you make a transition to Tanki 2.0? Virtually nothing. You may still play the older version of Tanki Online without any restrictions, but the transition is a one-time action, so your further progress will never appear in Tanki Online 2.0. You may play Tanki 2.0, the older version of Tanki Online or both games absolutely independently. The older version of Tanki Online will be working without any limitations, so you may stay there forever until the heat death of the universe or the last tanker (whichever comes first).

Tanki 2.0 mini-FAQ

Q: What’s the release date?

A: There going to be no official announces until open beta-test. The date is unknown and the schedule is highly classified.

Q: What’s the progress?

A: In November 2011 Tanki Online 2.0 producer Anton Volkov announced in an interview that they've already completed about 50% of the game. Though the terms remain unknown, cos we don't really know what the reference point was.

Maybe the reference point is May 2011 when the developers decided to switch on working on Tanki Online 2.0 for Adobe Flash Player 11. This gives us approximately another half-year of development with subsequent beta-testing in May or so. Or maybe the reference point is autumn 2010 and we’ve got to wait until late 2012 or even 2013.

Q: When do you expect Tanki Online 2.0 will be released?

A: I expect Tanki Online 2.0 to be ready by June 4-th 2012 (it’s Tanki Online birthday). If not – August-September 2012 (by back-to-school season). If not – Christmas holidays 2012.

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