Tanadu Guide: Some Video Tutorials

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Tanadu is a rich world with thousands of players competing for glory and the rule over a mysterious, magical substance. Create powerful armies. Prove how brave your heroes are. Take the challenge and rule Tanadu!

Below are some Tanadu's video tutorials from YouTube, which attempt to get newcomers up to speed as quickly as possible.

Video Tutorials

By TanaduGame on YouTube

User Interface Tutorial

Watch this movie to learn how to navigate the interface of Tanadu. See the most important options, and discover the secrets of the game.

City Tutorial

Watch this short tutorial to become a successful city mayor in the universe of Tanadu. Learn how to grow the economy and unlock new spells and powerful units.

Arena Tutorial

The turbulent world of Tanadu is a place where brave heroes can prove their prowess and skill. Learn how to take part in the eternal combat on the Arena and raise your hero to be the greatest champion of all time.

Army Tutorial

Successful military campaigns in Tanadu are a matter of careful planning and skilful army management. Learn how to build invincible armies and support them with powerful artifacts and magical spells.


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