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Tamer Saga is a new browser based game that is being released by Poppace, a company you may not have heard of, since they only have around two games released thus far on the English market. The game works through Facebook and is run on Adobe Flash, and it is currently in the Open Beta phase.

The character creation in the game is underwhelming to say the least. There is four classes to choose from which take on the basic archetypes of fantasy type games; warrior whose role is the tank, priest which is the healer, mage the major magic damage dealer, and ranger which is the physical damage dealer who has a higher chance of pulling off critical hits. Beyond that though, you don't really have much to choose from, the genders for each class are locked, and there is no customization for your character, leaving you with only two choices to make before you dive into the game; class and name.

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The actual gameplay of the game is a bit different from the norm. The game itself is heavily casual-based, which shows in everything from the progression to how the features in the game function. This can be construed as either negative or positive depending on the player and what type of game they're looking for. A couple major points that stand out is that the game is heavily focused on the pets players can get and use, which is hinted in the name "Tamer Saga". Not only are this but the monsters you can tame are your only companions in battle. The game does feature both a guild and friend system, but when put into actual combat, you and your monsters are alone against the world. This makes the game lose a bit in the social department, which is a bit depressing, since it doesn't make it much of a game that you would play with your friends, just something you would sit and forget for a while and maybe even just check a few times a day, if that.

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The only somewhat sociable aspect of the game seems to be the Guild system, which they seemed to make almost a must to join if you really want to access all of the features of the game, in fact they decided to make some of the main story quests center around features from the guild. It feels more like a compensation for the overall nonsocial feel that the game portrays from its other features, but on its own features some nice features of its own; such as being able to level up your pets when you're away, summoning mounts, and getting quests beyond the rather static story line quests. The guilds are what split players into one faction or the other putting them either with the Federation or the Empire. The choice seems to only affect what Eudemon (Guild Summon) selection you had and which side you were on for mining wars. Since the game doesn't have anything like open PvP, things like that are out of the loop.

The simplest way to describe the quest system in the game is static. By that I mean you're set on a stone carved path and there is no point in trying to explore to find ones you may have missed. Now normally you would see a marker above a characters head if they had a quest for you to complete or finish. That still stands here, but it is odd in the fact that when you talk to these NPCs, they just give you some dialogue and that's it. For you to find new quests to complete the options are extremely limited; you either do daily quests, events, guild, or the main story ones. Most of these quests save for the story ones are repeatable, which gets them out of creating a lot of unique quests, and also makes things feel a bit bland after a while if you watch your character going back and forth killing the same things and returning to complete the same quests.

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One of the aspects of the game that really shows its casual nature is the combat, which is completely automated. Once you get into combat the computer takes over and you're stuck twiddling your thumbs until it is over. That doesn't mean you can't actually take part in a small way. To give you a bit of (limited) freedom in what happens during a battle, you're able to use various formations to align your character and his pets in whatever order you want. This does have some strategic value, as with some of the formations, it allows you to put your squishy characters in the back to be protected (like healers or mages) and keep your tankier characters, who can take a bit of a beating up in the frontlines. The combat is also way too forgiving, which again takes a bit away from the game. If by chance your party is wiped out in battle, there are no repercussions. You're just told you have been wiped out and given some suggestions on what you can do to prevent that from happening again.

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One thing they handle kind of odd is the way they integrated the cash shop feature in the game. Now I normally wouldn't speak of it, since it is a bit of a taboo subject that tends to rile people up at the mere mention of it, but this one is worth talking about.  Everything in the cash shop goes by their currency of "vouchers" these are what you buy with using real money, but they do offer a way for players to earn them on their own through the auction house. Now here is what I wanted to mention which is a mix of a good and bad execution; the auction house allows players to sell both items and pets, but players buy these things using the vouchers that players set the price to. The nice thing is that this gives those who are broke or are not allowed to/cannot make online purchases; the bad thing is that you can only buy stuff from the auction house with vouchers. By looking at the actual auction interface it looks like this may change eventually, but right now it is a bit of a fishy way to set up an auction house, and leaves me with mixed feelings.

Is the game worth checking out or playing? Well, it really depends on the type of player you are. If you're into games that go into a lot of depth, and something you could kill an afternoon playing, then no, this is not the game for you. If you're the type that is usually rather busy and want something you can chat with people and just play once in a while, this game would suit you rather well. Despite the shortcomings that the game has, it is rather addictive. While a lot of things do ask for you to pay real money for, there are ways around it if you do spend enough time on it, which is another plus in it's favor.

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