Introduction to the Duel System in Tamer Saga

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Do you want to challenge somebody to a duel in Tamer Saga right now? Do you wish to defeat your foes at any time? You may not do either of them at will at the Arena. Fortunately, there comes the Duel system in Tamer Saga.

Now let me introduce the Duel System in Tamer Saga briefly.

Only Level 20+ people can join a duel. As you upgrade your rank, your daily duel quota will increase as listed below.

Rank Duel Quota
Civilian 6
Squire 7
Private 8
Knight 9
Centurion 10
Colonel 11
Commander 12
Lord 13
High Lord 14
Baron 15
Viscount 16
Earl 17
Marquis 18
Duke 19
Vassal 20
Prince 21
Senator 22
Minister 23
Archon 24
Overlord 25

To challenge somebody to a duel, simply inspect their profile and then click the "Duel" button at the bottom of the pop-up panel.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

If you are stronger than the opponent, you may even make them lose their underwear/bra (depending on their gender) when you challenge them to a duel.

You can even share the news on your Wall.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

You can also check your total wins and losses of duels, as well as your Trophy of duels in your Profile.

In the Trophy column, you can show off a trophy, check battle reports or discard something simply by clicking the "Show", "Report" or "Discard" buttons respectively.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

It will cost you one Loudspeaker to show off a trophy.

You can also click the "My Foes" button to check those who have defeated you in a duel and also looted your underwear/bra.

On the Duel board of the Ranking, you can check the points of the top 50 players.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

Why not enjoy a duel right now?

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