How to Use the Tamer Scroll in Tamer Saga

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Abstract: Players in game can enjoy a rich variety of exciting reward modes. Today Yeepgame will introduce the Tamer Scroll to our players.

Tamer Saga is a free 2D browser-based MMORPG which is popular in North America area. Tamer Saga has its S5-Paradise on the yeepgame until now. Players in game can enjoy a rich variety of exciting reward modes. Today Yeepgame will introduce the Tamer Scroll to our players.


1. The Tamer Scroll introduces a lot of goals to individual step by step.
2. The goals are closely related to the new main quests and the new functionalities available.
3. When you have completed the current goal and also claimed the rewards, a new goal will show up.


1. To check the Tamer Scroll, check the right side of the game screen.

Tamer Saga

2. Simply click the current goal to unfold the tamer Scroll.

Tamer Saga

3. At the left side, you can check the reached goals and the current goal.
4. You can click Prev to check the previous page or Next to check the next page.
5. Simply click an item at the left, you can check the details of the goal as well as the rewards.
6. Simply click Claim Rewards to click the rewards.

Tamer Saga

7. If you have already completed the goals that have not showed up, you will be able to directly claim the rewards when they show up.


Leave the Starting ZoneComplete the Level 11 Main quest and leave the starting zone.
Upgrade FormationComplete the Level 17 Main quest and study a higher-level formation.
Defeat the Dwarf WoodcutterDefeat the Dwarf Woodcutter and complete the Level 19 Main quest.
Level 4 FormationStudy a Level 4 formation and enable 2 pets to join the formation.
Upgrade the RankComplete the Level 20 "Promotion" quest.
Mini PetAs you hit Level 22, you can claim a Mini pet which can follow you.
Follow Me!Summon the Mini Flower Fairy in the backpack and then make it follow you.
Gear ForgingComplete the Level 25 Main quest, activating the gear forging feature.
Gear UpgradeUpgrade a Level 20+ equippable item to grade 5.
Arena BattleHit Level 30 and gain access to the Arena.
Daily MustHit Level 31 and gain access to the Daily Must.
Decompose and EnchantHit Level 33 and gain access to gear decomposition and enchanting.
Upgrade Gear SoulUpgrade any gear soul to Level 4 and also attach it to an equipped item.
Attach a Gear SoulAttach a gear soul to a grade 10+ equipped item which requires Level 20+ to equip.
Gather CrystalsHit Level 35 so you can dispatch a pet to mine crystals.
Pet SealingComplete the Level 38 Main quest and gain access to the Sealing feature.
Upgrade a SigilUpgrade any pet sigil to Level 4 and also attach it to a pet.
Attach a SigilAttach a pet sigil to a grade 30+ pet.
Resource BattlesHit Level 40 and gain access to the Resource feature.
Spell StudyUpgrade the grade 1 spell to level 10 and gain access to higher-grade spells.
Boss ArenaHit Level 45 and gain access to the Boss Arena.
First ScenarioDefeat 6 troops of opponents at the Boss Arena.
Level 10 FormationStudy a Level 10 formation and enable 4 pets to join the formation.
Epic GearUpgrade a Level 50+ equipped item to grade 20.
Level 10 EmblemUpgrade any Emblem to Level 10.
Attach 4 SigilsAttach 4 sigils to a Level 60+ pet.
Second ScenarioDefeat the No. 12 opponent at the Boss Arena.
Awesome StrengthIncrease your strength (Str) to 10000.
CommanderUpgrade your Rank to Commander.
Great AchievementsComplete 15 achievements and claim the rewards.
Vigorous TamerObtain 140 Vigor and claim the rewards.
Fourth ScenarioDefeat the No. 24 opponent at the Boss Arena.
BaronUpgrade your Rank to Baron.
Golden SigilUpgrade a golden sigil to Level 5.
Top StrengthIncrease your strength (Str) to 15000.
Sixth ScenarioDefeat the No. 36 opponent at the Boss Arena.
SenatorUpgrade your Rank to Senator.
Defeat AllDefeat all opponents at the Boss Arena.

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About Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga features a fictional world set in medieval Europe, in which players will go through various wonderful journeys and perform their own stories in the course of overcoming difficulties. There are four classes in Tamer Saga – Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Priest. The game supports instant fashion change and offers thousands of avatars, hundreds of pets and a rich variety of mounts for players to choose from.

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