Upgrade Guide: How to Use Marriage System in Tamer Saga

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Yeepgame recently announced that Tamer Saga will open its third server on Dec. 12th. As an anime-styled and richly-featured MMORPG, Tamer Saga received great welcome from Yeepgame players since its debut on Yeepgame.

Do you want to get married in the Tamer Saga fantastic world? Do you want to fight together with your beloved one? Anyway, just pay the Marriage Envoy an interview.

Marriage Rules

You must submit one Proposal Token (available in the Mall) to propose marriage.
You must select the target to marry, the wedding venue, and submit a marriage ring in order to propose marriage.
A higher-level venue will reward the chief witness and the newlyweds with better rewards.
When your proposal gets declined, the wedding venue fees and the marriage ring will be returned to you.
Each day's scheduled wedding ceremonies will be held at the same time during 8:00pm and 9:00pm. The wedding suits will be delivered when the ceremony starts.
The newlyweds need exchange ring and gain a specific ring with certain stats depending on their class and the level of the ring.
While married, the Intimacy between the both sides will affect their combat stats. With more Intimacy points, the other side will be more powerful and have higher defense.

Proposing Marriage

Proposal Rules
To get married, hit Level 20 first. You may only marry a friend.
—The both sides must have a certain ring.
You may only propose marriage during 9:00am and 6:00pm. When 4 proposals have been accepted, nobody else can propose marriage on the day.
High Lord and higher rank, or VIPs of VIP 5+ can act as the chief witness of a wedding ceremony.
If a player acts as the chief witness of the wedding, both the chief witness and the newlyweds will win additional rewards.

Tamer Saga

1. To propose marriage, turn to the Marriage Envoy in the Twilight City.

Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga

2. Select the target to marry, wedding venue, and turn in a Proposal Token as well as a required ring. If the proposal gets declined, the prepaid wedding venue hire fees and the submitted ring will be returned to you.

Responding to a Proposal

To respond to a proposal, turn to the Marriage Envoy too. If you wish to accept a proposal, you must submit a required ring.

Wedding Ceremonies

Each day's scheduled wedding ceremonies will be held at the same time during 8:00pm and 9:00pm. The wedding suits will be delivered when the ceremony starts.
During the wedding ceremony, people can enter the wedding venue to share the joy together with the couple.
At the wedding venue, people can also present the couple with gifts. The top gift presenter will even win awesome rewards.
While staying at the wedding venue, people will regain AP for every 10 straight minutes.


While married, the Intimacy index will affect the combat stats of the couple.
The base Intimacy points is 500.
The Intimacy points reduce by 100 each day. The maximum Intimacy points are 1000.
While the both sides stay online at the same time for 1 hour, the Intimacy between them will increase by 10.
When blessing the other side, the Intimacy increases by 20.
The couple can also use some items to boost their Intimacy.

Getting Divorced

To get divorced, turn to the Marriage Envoy and submit a Divorce Contract

Tamer Saga


When the wedding ceremony starts, the both side will receive a wedding suit (valid for 3 days).
When presenting the newlyweds with a gift, you will receive something as a reward at random.
For every 200 Crystals presented to the couple, each side of the couple will receive 1 Demon's Treasure Box.
If a player acted as the chief witness, both the newlyweds and the chief witness will win additional rewards.
The top gift presenter will win awesome rewards.
While married, the couple will fight together with each other.

Wedding Venues

Romantic Beach, Mystic Seabed, Mythic Hall, Candy Hut, Snowfield

Tamer Saga

199 Crystals, 999 Crystals, 2999 Crystals, 2999 Crystals, 2999 Crystals

Tamer Saga

Related Achievements

Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga

You will not fight with monsters only by yourself after you get married in Tamer Saga. Everybody, let's join Yeepgame to play Tamer Saga and enjoy endless adventure.

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