Tamer Saga: How to Defeat Bahamut Fast?

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Bahamut's Assault is a featured event in Tamer Saga, a browser-based anime-style RPG brought by PopPace. By participating in the event, players are able to earn tons of Prestige. Today, the development team behind Tamer Saga was willing to share more tips and tactics related to the event with their fans. More details are as follows.

When players prepare to challenge Bahamut, they must pay attention to the following tips.

A. A flying dragon can help players start the battle faster. Only players on a flying mount are able to reach Bahamut's location at the very beginning.

B. Turn off the switch to view other characters any more. It would help players easily select Bahamut as a target.

C. Never summon out a Guild Eudemon which only causes not much damage but would increase Bahamut's morale.

D. Elixir of Shield and Elixir of Power would be enough. Elixir of Shield can be used to resist the damage suffered in a round and allow pets to attack one more time. Elixir of Power can be used to increase the damage dealt by pets. More damage dealt means more Prestige earned. Of course, players can also enhance the max aptitude of their pets to bring their pet's power into full play.

Reasonably deploying the participating pets would bring players better effects. A formation in Tamer Saga contains 9 grids. In fact, Bahamut always attack the middle of the grids first and then the left side and the right side. Players can deploy the pets with lower damage dealt in the middle and the ones with higher damage dealt on the two sides.

However, Bahamut will cast an AOE skill to attack its enemies when it accumulates 125 points Rage. Nobody can bear the damage it deals unless they dodge the attack. So, if players' 5 attacks all hit Bahamut, it will cast the skill in the first round. How to stop Bahamut from casting the skill in the first round? First, don't dispatch so many participating pets. Players and their two damage dealer pets would be enough. They can still end the battle in 10 seconds but deal more damage to earn more Prestige.

Last but not the least; players can only attack Bahamut once every 30 seconds. When Bahamut possesses lower HP, players must seize the chance. In addition, players should know how much damage they can deal so that they can increase the success rate.

PopPace team is pulling out all stops to add more attractive, interesting systems into the game. Join Tamer Saga now to experience brand new systems by yourself. Visit to learn more about PopPace and visit to enjoy Tamer Saga in HD version.



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