Auction and Choosing a Formation in Tamer Saga

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Tamer Saga is a browser based RPG which uses the 2D technology. Tamer Saga set in Medieval Europe, players can recruit various monsters and even BOSSes they have defeated to fight for their cause. In this article, Yeepgame will introduce you how to auction and choose a formation in Tamer Saga.

Auction in Tamer Saga

Auction is the unique way in which players can trade with each other in Tamer Saga!

Tamer Saga Screenshot

Click the Auction button at the top right corner to bring up the Auction panel.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

You can check the equipment and pets on sale.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

You can also create an auction for equipment or pets.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

To create an auction, simply drag the target item to the auction slot and specify the selling price with either Vouchers or Gold.

To create an auction, you have to pay corresponding service charges according to the duration of the auction as well as the selling price.

Choosing a Formation in Tamer Saga

To choose a formation, click the Formation button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Different formations feature different bonuses and slots for combat units.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

To win a battle easier, choose a proper formation, dispatch proper combat units and also put them in position.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

Join in Yeepgame, join Tamer Saga, we prepare the best in this hot summer!

About Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga features a fictional world set in medieval Europe, in which players will go through various wonderful journeys and perform their own stories in the course of overcoming difficulties. There are four classes in Tamer Saga – Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Priest. The game supports instant fashion change and offers thousands of avatars, hundreds of pets and a rich variety of mounts for players to choose from.

About Yeepgame Team

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