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Tales of Solaris is a free-to-play fantasy browser MMORPG delevoped and published by NGames. Players will choose from one of six different classes, the Warrior, a close combat tank, the Mage, who use focused high magical-damage attacks, the Sniper, long-range high-damage specialists that require cover to be effective, the Wizard, masters at ranged damage over time and crowd control, the Assassin, who features very high attack speeds and critical hits, and the Priest, a highly effective healer, as they quest to save their world.

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The continent of Laputa was once dominated by demons led by Demon King Sardin. To maintain the order, they unlocked the “Fissure” connecting to another world and summoned monsters that brought death, adversity and destruction to the world.

Human survivors of those catastrophic events finally received help from the kind and powerful god Morias, infusing them with knowledge and skills to defeat the demons. The demon empire of Laputa collapsed, the altar that constituted the demon magic was buried and mankind finally broke free and dispelled Sardin and his followers to the unknown Fissure.

The god selected devout disciples, established the Order of Morias, and bestowed them the new Laputa before leaving the continent. 500 years have passed since then during which the people have lived together in peace. Suddenly, villains emerge, threatening to destroy order and peace…

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The game’s pets are divided into baby and wild pets and fall in one of the following categories: animal, plant, machinery, doll, dragon and elf. Baby pets can be enhanced and participate in the colosseum. They are not only mere companions but also assist in battle and fight for their owner.

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In general, Tales of Solaris is one of the top-notch browser games so far. Although flawed, it has the advantage regarding integrative performance. For those who newly touch on an online RPG, it will be an excellent choice. But for players looking for an old-fashioned adventure experience, it might be a little frustrating.



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