Tales of Solaris Guide: Zeal Colosseum War

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This guide is about the Zeal Colosseum War in Tales of Solaris. If you still don't know much about it, just check below to get the information you may need.

1.Click on [Colosseum] button to choose [Joy Colosseum] and [Zeal Colosseum]

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2.Reach 5,000 Combat Power to attend Zeal Colosseum

3.Zeal Colosseum is in cross-server and multiple-pet mode. Up to 3 pets can battle at the same time and more daily reward can be expected.

⑴Qualified players can create 3 pet teams but they should be from different categories;

⑵Each player can set skills for 3 pets, specifying the General Skills and the skills to release every 5 rounds;

⑶Players can challenge any one of the five target teams recommended by the system. The winner can have the loser's rank.

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

4.Players can claim the reward once per day based on the current Zeal Colosseum rank. The higher the rank, the better the reward:

⑴[Special Pet Skill Box] may get you Special Pet Skill Book(Orange);

⑵[Icy Beast Crystal] can redeem Special Pet Skill Book (Orange) at NPC [Pet Master Ville];

⑶Low/Medium Pet Pill, Pet Res Card Bag and other premium rewards.

5.Challenge Drops are added to Joy Colosseum/ Zeal Colosseum. Just challenge to get rewards;

Tales of Solaris Screenshot



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