Tales of Solaris Guide: Top Duel

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In Tales of Solaris, top arena duel inspired by ancient Sparta Tournament, mixed duo battle, a call to all the warriors! Don't forget to bring your friend!

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Time:All day; 15 minutes for each match; 5 minutes for preparation

Requirements:Above Lv.50; Not in Team/Escort/Instance/Guild Base/Other Events


1.Any above Lv.50 player can set up a Top Duel with 20 Ingots (Bound Ingot first, or either Ace Badge); you can also pay for your friends;

2.When the event begins, the initiator will be teleported to the arena and the 5-minute preparation starts to count. During this period other players in the server can pay 20 Ingots (Bound Ingot first) to join the event;

3.During the preparation period, all players cannot team up or do any other things and leaving the arena will be regarded as quitting; after the preparation period is over, the duel will start with a minimum player number of 4 and the maximum is 20;

4 When the event begins, players will be randomly divided into several duos, and the match will begin;

5.Defeat other teams to get scores (Higher their combat power, higher scores), and the ranking will be updated which will determine the final rewards.

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Top Chests are sent according to the ranking, will contain:

Advanced/Super Star Stone; Blue/Purple Enchant Stone; Chapped Slate (May contain Ultra Rune Slate, which can be used to redeem Ultra Pet Skill Box from Event Pet Envoy)

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1.Special feature "Invite Friend" allows the initiator to pay for the entry of other participants; invitations can be sent when applying for the event or already in the arena; charges will be deducted when the invitee enters the arena;

2.Leaving the arena during the preparation period will be taken as quitting, no compensation will be available;

3.Players who lost connection during the preparation period will still be qualified, but must reconnect before the event begins, or it will be taken as quitting too and Ace Badges will be returned;

4.After the event begins, players will not be able to quit, short leave their team or reenter the arena after leaving; players who reconnect after lost connection during the event will be back to team; once the captain is disconnected or leaves, his leadership will be transferred to the other one;

5.During the event, both winner and loser will get full supply from system.

6.Note: If an invited player is disqualified, then the Ace Badge will be returned to this player, not his inviter. Therefore please think twice before inviting someone;

7.Teams without any battle record player.



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