Tales of Solaris Guide: Quiz

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In Tales of Solaris, Quiz is open to all above Lv.30 players, starts from 20:45 to 21:00 each day.

The countdown will show on the main screen 5 minutes before the Quiz, and a box will pop up when the countdown is over, click Confirm to join.


You will get certain amount of scores for each correct answer given (the faster the more scores) within specified time. During the Quiz, a real time ranking will be updated on the right part of the Quiz panel and all players will be rewarded score-wise after the Quiz ended.


"Lucky Star"

You can use it for a question to directly get the right answer and double the score.


Use it and choose a player from the ranking to copy his answer.


Use to delete a wrong answer.


All players will be rewarded for the score they got. Extra rewards are available for the top 20 players, while special honors will be presented to the top 3!



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