Tales of Solaris Guide: Orange Equipment Upgrade Chart

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This chart shows the all the required boss materials needed to upgrade each piece of orange equipment as well as totals to upgrade everything from the initial lvl 50 purchase to the star gear in the game Tales of Solaris.

If you find a mistake on the chart let me know and I will update it.. please use the following format so I can update.

Ie: Weapon - lvl 70: and then the material type changes.

You buy the initial set of orange gear from the merchant in the capitol next to the entrance to Ancient Path. You upgrade the gear by hitting the upgrade button or by going to the gear menu and going all the way to the bottom where it says upgrade then select the piece you want to upgrade and if you have the mats viola..

Updated Chart to reflect new lvl 80 gear.. (note I am missing bracer, neck, and accessory numbers as I don't have the sky debris to upgrade to star level yet)

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