Tales of Solaris Guide: Gameplay of Guild

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If you still don't know much about the guild system in Tales of Solaris, here is the guide for you. In this guide you can learn the brief gameplay of guild system in this game. Just check below:

Guild Quests


1.After joining a guild, you can accept quests from Guild Steward.

2.Guild quest can be done 2 rounds a day. Each round has 10 loops. The first round of quest has greater reward.

3.Quests mainly are: pass on a message, collect materials, kill monsters, patrolling

4.The procedure of doing guild quests is the same as doing the Order's quests.

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The Dumb Bandits

Time:Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,19:00 – 19:30

Location:Guild Base


Guild Base is attacked by the Bandits every night. The bandits want to loot everything from the guild. But they have failed every time. That's why the Order calls them The Dumb Bandits.


During the event, dumb bandits will appear at guild base. Slay them can earn Contribution. After a certain number of bandits are killed, dumb bandit's four captains, two commanders and the Dumb Commander will appear. Kill them can get huge amount of contribution and EXP.

Reward: EXP, Contribution

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Guild Trial

Time:Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 19:00 – 19:30

Location:Guild Base

Introduction:In order to develop qualified guild legion's strength, Chairman Charles decides to dispatch the Order's core force-- the Oracle Warband to train all guilds periodically. During the event, Yeri the Punishment Light, Revon the Flame Blade,Gray the Shadow, Gerrard the Murmur Breath, Hagen the Destructive Thunder, Destructive Fire Rager's army will attack guild base fiercely. Defeat the Oracle Warband will impact the guild's status in the world and future development. Try your best, warriors!


During the event, slay elites at guild base to earn great amount of Contribution. After a number of bandits are killed, 6 clerics and the bishop will appear. Kill them can get massive Contribution and EXP.

Reward: EXP, Contribution



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