Tales of Solaris Guide: Escort

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In Tales of Solaris, Escort Quests are acceptable all day from the Escort Officer Yorke while Double Escort is available between 15:30 and 16:00 during when the rewards will be doubled.

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Accept the quest

1.Find Escort Officer Yorke at the center of City of Sky to accept the quest. (see the red box)

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

2.System will choose randomly from five ladies for your escort: White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Different color means different rewards and Orange is the best. If not satisfied with the lady assigned to you, you can click "Refresh" for a reassign.

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3.You can choose the Escort mode, Heroic Escort may be robbed while Safe Escort only guarantees half of the rewards.

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

4.When you escorted the lady to the destination, report to Cain to complete the quest.

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