Tales of Solaris Guide: Cross-Server War

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In Tales of Solaris, Cross-Server War is a great event beyond the server limit, which provides wider stage than the normal arena, stronger opponents and ampler rewards and where players can prove their strength and get the unique glory.

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[War Zones]

To ensure a fair environment, we divide the war zones of Cross-Server War by the timeline: servers with the same opening time will be a war zone.


Reach 8,000 Combat Power and higher to join

[Season Rules]

1.Cross-Server War is a season-based event with 3 weeks as a season;

2.Regular matches start from 21:00 till 22:00 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday;

3.The final takes place from 21:00 to 22:00, Saturday of the third week of the season.

[Match Rules]

1.The match uses point mechanism. The points stack till the end of the season;

2.Each participant is given 1,000 points at first; Each victory will give them 10 Points while each failure will deduct 1% of their current Points;

3.Points decide which competition venue participants will go next time and the qualification to the final;

4.All qualified players enter the match from the entry of [Cross-Server War] in the main interface

5.In the match, players can challenge any other player, but teaming up is not allowed. Win or lose, HP and MP will both be filled

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[Regular Match Rules]

1.Competition venue is divided by the Points. Every 40 players will share 1 competition venue. The participants enter the specific venue to have the match;

2.Have 5 battles in a match and you can claim the points.

3.Each participant can claim 1 reward for the regular matches on Tuesday and Thursday and double rewards on regular matches on Saturday.

[Final Rules]

1.The top 32 players on the point ranking at the end of the Thursday match of the third week of the season will acquire the qualification to the final on Saturday;

2.The final is melee-based. The final 32 players enter the same venue with each given 3 revival chances. The last one in the venue is the champion.


[Regular Match Rewards]

1.Have 5 battles in each match and you can claim points at the end of the match

2.Basic Arena Rewards: Sky's Debris*1, Numen Talisman B*2, Bead*1, Purple Enchant Stone*1

3.Rewards for 1000~1499 Points: Sky's Debris*2, Numen Talisman B*2, Bead*2, Purple Enchant Stone*2

4.Rewards for 1500~1999 Points: Sky's Debris*4, Low Soul Crystal*1, Numen Talisman B*3, Bead*3, Purple Enchant Stone*3

5.Rewards for 2000~2499 Points: Sky's Debris*6, Low Soul Crystal*1, Numen Talisman B*4, Bead*4, Orange Enchant Stone*2

6.Rewards for 2500~2999 Points: Sky's Debris*9, Low Soul Crystal*3, Numen Talisman B*5, Bead*5, Orange Enchant Stone*3

7.Rewards for 3000 points higher: Sky's Debris*12, Low Soul Crystal*2, Numen Talisman B*6, Bead*6, Orange Enchant Stone*4

[Final Rewards]

1.Season Champion Rewards: [Golden Armor Numen], Sky's Debris*20, Low Soul Crystal*5, Numen Talisman B*10, Bead*10, Orange Enchant Stone*6

2.Season's Five Rewards: [Silver Armor Numen], Sky's Debris*16, Low Soul Crystal*4, Numen Talisman B*8, Bead*8, Orange Enchant Stone*5

3.Season's Top Fighter Rewards: Sky's Debris*12, Low Soul Crystal*3, Numen Talisman B*6, Bead*6, Orange Enchant Stone*4

4.In addition, the name and image of the season champion will be recorded for all players to admire.



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