Tales of Solaris Guide: Beauty & Beast

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The popular RPG game from Tales of Solaris has finally come to you!

Time:All day; 15 minutes for each game; 3 minutes for preparation

Requirements:Above Lv.40; Not in Team/Escort/Instance/Guild Base/Other Events

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1.During the opening period, you can spend 50 Ingots to unlock the event, Supreme VIP has one free chance each day. The initiator will turn into the beast Boss – Wolf, whose attributes will be greatly increased;

2.Once the event unlocks, all the above Lv.40 players in the server will be able to join the event. No more players will be admitted when the number of Red Hoods reached 30, yet Wolf's friends or Guild fellows are not restricted.

3.There will be 3 minutes for preparation of Red Hoods. The event will begin thereafter;

4.Wolf can get EXP and Gold by killing any of the Red Hoods; The Red Hoods can launch attack on the Wolf or Mushroom;

5.During the event, any killed Wolf or Red Hoods will be reborn right at the resurrect point; Any Red Hoods that got killed 3 times will be removed from the arena;

6.During the event, Wolf is free to go in or out the arena; The Red Hoods will have to wait for 3 minutes to reenter the arena; new players are admitted when there are less than 30 Red Hoods;

7.Event lasts for 15 minutes, rewards will be sent according to Wolf and Red Hoods' kills afterwards;

8.Each player can join the event no more than 3 times every day.


1.Basic rewards: Wolf will get Gold and EXP for killing Red Hoods;

2.Wolf Gift Pack: including Wolf Card, Quality Mushroom Bag, Lv.3 Critical Gem Bag and Orange Enchant Stone;

3.Red Riding Hood Gift Pack (Exclusive for every participant Red Hoods, worth 88 Ingots): including Red Riding Hood Card, Normal Mushroom Bag, Purple Enchant Stone;

4.Wolf Kill Gift Pack: For the Red Hood that gives Wolf the final blow; each player can only get one in each event, including 3 Orange Enchant Stones;

5.Pet Mario: Cute mushroom pet, redeem from Event Pet Envoy with Mario's Seed and Mario's Soul (available from Mushroom Bag); there are 5 different kinds of Mario available, the ultimate Golden Mario can only be redeemed with all the other 4 Mario Egg;

6.Beauty & Beast achievements


1.One event at a time in the same sever;

2.No actions allowed (like Team up) in the arena;

3.No self supply allowed in the arena, full system supply will be available after resurrection.



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