Tales of Solaris Guide: Achievements

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This guide is about the achievements in Tales of Solaris. Hope it can do some help for your gaming.

Where are my achievements?

Go to main screen and find the mini map at the up right corner, the Achievement icon is right below the mini map (see the red box).

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

Tales of Solaris Screenshot


Current achievements are available in six categories: personal, pet, instance, event, social and feat.

Personal Achievement: a record of your level, combat power, equipment, skill, fortune or quests.

Pet Achievement: a record of your pet collection and fostering.

Instance Achievement: a record of your instance history.

Event Achievement: a record of your event participation.

Social Achievement: a record of your guild and farm history.

Feat Achievement: a record of your damage output, regional and world Boss challenges and other aspects.

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

Notice of achievements

You will be noted when complete an achievement, some of achievements will give you certain titles as well.

Tales of Solaris Screenshot



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