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Tales of Solaris is a browser-based role-playing game developed by the creators of the famed Pockie Ninja series. The game is set in a steampunk fantasy universe, where knights and mages co-inhabit with mech monsters. Along with standard RPG and tactical turn-based combat, the game throws a Pet feature that lets you hire an anthropomorphic companion and use it against deadly monsters in the battle arena. Currently in closed beta, this game offers the best role-playing experience.

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Character Selection Screen

The character selection screen lets you choose a character class from six different classes. Choosing a character class has its own perks. For example, choosing a sniper class will help in eliminating monsters by raining bullets from a distance. Selecting a Priest class will heal your character quicker whereas starting your adventure with a Mage class will boost attack rate. The character selection screen plays a crucial role in your Laputa adventure. Your character class's preset abilities will give you an edge over your opponents in the battle arena. The game also features cute pets that can be of immense help during combat. After completing the tutorial menu, you will have your own pet creature assisting you in battles. You can upgrade your pet or buy a new one via the in-game marketplace.

Tales of Solaris's quest-based gameplay boasts a series of interesting mini-missions that build up to a main quest. The main quest usually revolves around encountering bosses and their minions. Mini-missions are branched into simple fetch quests and special mini-missions, which will allow you collect rare items, combine them and use them as traps to lure monsters and pets. Many of these quests will require you to search for items in faraway lands, gather them all and use them at a certain location marked on the mini-map. Exploration-based missions are extremely addicting and developers have done a very good job by throwing an assortment of quests to keep players busy for hours.

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Battle Screen

The game features traditional turn-based battle system involving real-time combat. You and your opponents take turns to attack each other in real-time. When exploring the world of Laputa, you will encounter several monsters on random occasions. Once a battle gets triggered, your character and monsters will lock horns in a separate arena. The combat system lets you engage in auto battles or manual turn-based combat. In auto battles, you will just be a mere spectator to a grueling turn-based combat between your character and random monsters. Manual combat makes player participation in combat arena a fruitful experience. It has a timer system that lets you choose a skill and click on the monster before the timer goes off. You can switch to auto battle mode during combat, but manual battle is far more engaging than the former. It lets you try out all of your unlocked skills on your enemies, use potions during battle and get your strategy right. Switching to a manual battle system is very crucial during epic boss battles.

Battles also involve random encounters with monsters during exploration-based quests. While this can be a bit frustrating, but it does add a variety to the ever-growing list of fetch quests. Battling boss monsters is the most exciting gameplay aspect. These monsters are some of the most grotesque creatures you have ever seen in the RPG world. Not all monsters are based on fantasy. Some of them are steampunk-era monsters whereas others resemble humanoid mech warriors. Fighting boss monsters can be quite difficult if you are not equipped enough, so make sure your character is equipped with upgraded weapons and skills. Also, make sure your pet in enhanced to help you boost the overall attack rate.

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Skill and Inventory System

Tales of Solaris's skill and weapon system are easy to use and simple to manage. Instead of any complicated skill hierarchy, the game offers a simple single-click skill system that lets you learn a new skill and level-up existing unlocked skills at a click of a mouse button. Separate skill and inventory systems exist for both the pet and your character. For your companion, you will need to access the "Pet" section to enhance its skills, allocate skill points to various attributes and use special items to boost its attack and defense power. You can also keep the pet in resting mode to collect more XP or release the pet if you want to choose another. What I really like about this game is the way it notifies me whenever a new skill has been unlocked or needs an upgrade. All I have to do is click on the upgrade/learn new skill button or auto-allocate skill points while playing the game. I really don't need to check my character/pet status every now and then for any new updates. The developers have certainly made it easier for me to manage my skills, item and inventory system.

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Graphics and Interface

The game boasts gorgeous graphics. The Laputa universe's varied environments are stunning and are at par with any anime movie. Everything, from the city to forest to sewers, has been exceptionally well designed. The 3D character design is top-notch and much attention to detail has been given to characters as well as the surrounding environment. All characters are extremely well animated. The game's 3D characters blend well with the 2D environment, making gameplay a pleasurable experience.

The interface is a bit cluttered, but all the key options are located at the bottom of the screen. Among many open windows, the quest window lets you catch a glimpse of current quests and side-quests. Clicking on the current quest link triggers auto-path finding, which takes your character automatically to the designated place. I loved the auto-pathfinder system as manually escorting your character to a location can be tiresome and a bit confusing sometimes. The Laputa universe is massive, and exploring each and every corner to reach to your quest location can be time-consuming, which is why auto-path finding can be of immense help in such situations.

In the ever-growing list of browser-based role-playing games, Tales of Solaris makes its presence felt with varied quests, deep combat and easy-to-manage inventory and skill system. Right from the character creation screen, Tales of Solaris makes you feel you are into the game, making the right choices, learning new skills and managing your inventory. The game features elements you usually associate with an RPG, such as a separate marketplace, a pet coliseum where your pet can lock horns with opponent creatures and a simple social system that lets you create a five-player team and embark on an adventure together with random online players. The developers have made several elements simpler and straightforward, making gameplay thoroughly enjoyable. All in all, Tales of Solaris is a decent role-playing game with a solid quest system and an easy learning curve.

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