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Tales of Solaris. Combining RPG gameplay with classic pet elements. This guide contains some information about Tales of Laputa's Pet

How to Get Pets

Pets can be obtained from: capture, flip cards in dungeons, events, Ancient Forbidden Path.


There's a chance to get pets of various grades when encountering monsters outdoor!

Flip cards in dungeons

Clear dungeons and flip cards for a chance to get boss pet egg.


Pet eggs can be found in events, sign-in rewards, achievement rewards and other time-limited events.

Ancient Forbidden Path

The last boss of each floor in Ancient Forbidden Path carries a dragon pet egg. Grab it if you can!


Pets can be used for display purpose or fight for its owner.

Tales of Solaris Usage

In Battle

Select a pet from pet interface and click In Battle

Tales of Solaris Usage

Follow and Display

Select a pet from pet interface and click Display.

Tales of Solaris Follow and Display


You can release unnecessary pets and get more space for your backpack. Select a pet and click Release to free the pet. Important: Once being released, the pet won't get back to you.

Tales of Solaris Pet Release

Types of Pets

Pets are divided into baby and wild pet. Baby pet can be enhanced and participate in Colosseum.

Pet Grade

Pet grade from low to high are: white, green blue, purple, orange. The higher the grade, the better the attribute.

Pet Category

There are six categories of pets: animal, plant, machinery, doll, dragon and elf. For details, please see Pet Skills.

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