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Pets can be fostered in Guild Pet Home, where their EXP and Skill Points will be quickly increased. Besides, you can gain Guild Contribution by feeding your pets or other Guild Members'in Tales of Solaris.

Enter Pet Home

1.Enter the Guild

Enter the Guild and talk to the Pet Nurse Magritte (123, 93), choose "Feed Pet". (See the red box)


In the Pet Home, click "Foster" to choose the pet you want to put here (battle pet cannot be put in Pet Home). Pets will stop receiving EXP from Lv.5, but will still get Skill Points.

How to feed?

Click the pet that has a "Feed" icon over to feed.

How to pick pets up?

When the fosterage is finished, you can click to pick your pet up. If your pet is in fosterage while you are removed from the Guild, it will be returned to you by mail.

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