Tales of Solaris Guide: How to Team

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There are some way to team in Tales of Solaris as below.

1.Click on the nearby player in the map and his/her avatar will be displayed on the upper left of the screen. Then click on Team besides the avatar to invite

Click on the player nearby in the scene

Click on Team to invite

2.Apply to Team

Click on "Team" and a panel will pop up. Then choose Apply on the panel.

3.Approve Application

The team leader will receive a message when some players apply for the team. Open team panel from "Team" button and select from "Application List"

4.Post Recruitment

Select Type and Goal on Team Info panel. You can also select whether to auto-accept the application or not.


1.Invite Friend

Click on the nearby player to invite.

Click on Search on Friend Panel to have the exact search by player id or player name.

2.Accept Invitation

Click on the icon after receiving the reminder and select "Accept" or "Refuse" on Friend Panel.

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