Tales of Solaris Guide: Hero Temple

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In Tales of Solaris, Lv.40 higher players can enter Hero Temple every day.


Click on "Hero Temple" icon in the top right of the main interface (The icon appears when player's level reaches Lv.40 and higher).

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How to Challenge

Players will start challenging from Flr.1 and are able to challenge Flr.2 when clearing Flr.1, and so on. Each player will be given 10 free challenge chances every day. A cooldown will follow each challenge. On each floor there will be a legendary Skill Instructor in Tales of Solaris. The challenge tests your battle skills and gives cool rewards.

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From Flr.10, players can claim Bound Ingot, Seal and Arena Point Reward in the "Hero Temple" interface.

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Hero Statue

In Hero Temple stand six statues that represent six classes. The system will find out who challenges the highest floor in each class and showcase his/her name and floor number above the statue when a player challenges Hero Temple.

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Champ Guess

Players can click on the dice in the bottom right corner in the interface to enter the bet page where players can bet on one of top 10 players who may be the champion of the class fight. Please note the bet expires at 6 p.m. every Sunday and the champion will be selected at 7 p.m. every Sunday when rewards will be sent out.

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

Tales of Solaris Screenshot



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