Tales of Solaris Guide: Figaro Hollow

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In Tales of Solaris, on the steep cliff in the west of the soaring Figaro Mountains, there is a mysterious hollow that said to conceal legends. The hidden treasures in the hollow are long coveted by both the Order and Slems, while there are also horrible monsters too. As a warrior from the Order, your new quest will lead you there for new adventures.

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Before you enter:

1.Join a Team.

2.Entry requires Vigor.

3.All team members must meet the level requirement.

4.Heroic difficulty is not for everyone, make sure you won’t fight alone.

Level requirement:



The route:

1.Go to specified spot to defeat the Boss on first floor.

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2.Go to specified spot to defeat the Boss on second floor.

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

3.Go to specified spot to defeat the Boss on third floor.

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

Figaro Hollow BOSS

Flr.1BOSS: Mine Spirit

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

Flr.2BOSS: Grey Wing

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

Flr.3BOSS: Crypt Lord

Tales of Solaris Screenshot

Equipment Drops:

Normal: All Class Blue Equipment Box

Heroic: All Class Purple Equipment Box

Normal Card Flipping Drops:

Mine Spirit Pet Egg, Mine Spirit Card, Wings of Death Card, Crypt Lord Card, Necklace, Medium Resurrect Potion, Slot Talisman, Amulet, Advanced Loyalty Potion, EXP, Gold, Skill Point.

Heroic Card Flipping Drops:

Crypt Lord, Wings of Death, Green Pet Sub, Medium Plant Skill Box, Medium Animal Skill Box, Medium Machinery Skill Box, Medium Doll Skill Box, Medium Elf Skill Box, Medium Dragon Skill Box, Necklace, Skill Slot Scroll, Talent Boost Potion



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