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Tales of Solaris's players can mainly get equipment from: Quests, Instances, Ancient Forbidden Path, and Item Redemption.


Complete Main or some Side Quests and you may get the equipment with the specific colors.


Players will receive a piece of equipment of specific level, color and class from a random Equipment Box, the color and level of which is based on those of the instance after defeating a BOSS. The equipment will be one of Hat, Top, Belt, Bottom, Shoes, and Bracers.

Tales of Solaris

Elite Instances drop purple equipment while Normal Instances drop blue equipment.

While flipping the card after clearing an instance, players have a chance for accessories and necklaces of the same difficulty and level with the instance.

(For more details, please refer to Instance Description in Five Instances)

Ancient Forbidden Path

Defeat BOSSES on the Ancient Forbidden Path to have a chance for a Purple Ring of the same challenge level as BOSSES.

Tales of Solaris

Meanwhile, Ancient Forbidden Path will drop materials to redeem for Top Orange Equipment.

Tales of Solaris

Item Redemption

Item Drops of Ancient Forbidden Path (Go to "Ancient Forbidden Path Orange Equipment Redemption" for details), Courage Seal and others can redeem equipment.

Courage Seal: can redeem Purple Equipment of all classes. By challenging Ancient Forbidden Path, Heroic Instances, and Regional Quests can players acquire it.

Tales of Solaris

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