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Enhancement in Tales of Solaris is the system to forge equipment. Click on "Enhance" in the lower right corner of the main interface to enter it.

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"Enhance" Panel

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Star Upgrade

Put the equipment and Star Stone into slots in the panel to start the process. Star Stone has its upper limit for the upgrade. Once it reaches the upper limit, players shall use the advanced Star Stone.

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Star Transfer

Put the old and new equipment to the slots. The former should be in the above slot while the latter in the below one. Transfer costs Gold and can't ensure if it will incur losses. Of course, players can use Ingot to have "Perfect Star Transfer" to ensure the quality.

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Create Slot

Players can use Slot Talisman to create a slot on the equipment that can be slotted but doesn't have a slot in the "Slot Creation" panel.

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Synthesize Gem

Players can use 3 lower level gems of the same kind to synthesize a higher level one in the "Synthesize Gem" panel in Tales of Solaris. Please note: Lv.4 higher gem synthesized will be bound.

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Embed Gem

Players can embed the gems that have slots and haven't equipped gems in the "Embed Gem" panel. Each piece of equipment can only embed one gem of the same kind. While embedding, please pay attention to the positions that different gems can embed. In addition, please note: If the gem is bound, the equipment embedded will also bind.

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Remove Gem

Players can remove gems in the "Remove Gem" panel.

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Refine Quality

There are four qualities for equipment in Tales of Solaris, namely Average, Fine, Outstanding and Excellent. The excellent equipment is the best. Players can refine any none-excellent equipment in the "Refine Quality" panel (Excellent equipment can also be refined if they wish, but its grade will be lowered). Refinement costs Ingot.

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Recast Restraint

Players can refresh grade of purple or orange equipment in the "Recast Restraint" panel to generate 1-6 attributes restraint. Refresh costs Ingot.

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Orange Equipment Upgrade

Use the upgrade materials in the panel below to upgrade the specific orange equipment.

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