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In Tales of Solaris Beast born from a mysterious egg, it is given to you as a gift. It is a spirit that floats around you, but someday it will eventually turn into a powerful existence.

Level Requirement:


Claim it:

Enter "Character", and choose "Divine Beast". Click "Activate" to get a Lv.0 baby Divine Beast.

Tales of Solaris


There are nine growth stages of the Divine Beast, each stage will unlock a new look which adds new attributes and increase attribute growth;

Each growth stage contains 10 stars. Stars can be upgraded by nurturing, which will increase the attributes;

Divine Beast’s attributes will be directly added to its master, and it will follow its master wherever he goes.

Tales of Solaris

Star Upgrade:

The growth of the Divine Beast is realized by upgrading stars which determines the attributes of current stage;

You can spend either Gold or Ingot to increase the Star EXP for upgrade;

When you got full Stars, you have to complete Advance in order to move to the next stage;

There are 3 ways for star upgrade:

Gold Nurture: 100000 Gold = EXP 10 with 30% chance for 5x critical

Ingot Nurture: 10 Ingot = EXP 20 with 60% chance for 10x critical

One-click Star Upgrade: Spend Ingot (40% off) to directly upgrade the star

Tales of Solaris

Stage Advance:

When Divine Beast reached full stars in a stage, the bloodline barrier must be broken for further stage growth;

Stage Advance requires "Soul", which can be obtained by hunting; Free hunting chances are provided on a daily basis; More hunting attempts require Ingots, or you can choose from 1, 10 or 100 instant attempts, more you choose, bigger discount;

There are four quality levels of Soul, higher level, lower change to get; or you can use lower level souls for the synthesis of higher level souls;

Stage Advance requires Souls of the same level; higher level Stage Advance requires higher quality Souls;

When the Advance succeeds, the Divine Beast will obtain new attributes and other attributes will be greatly increased, besides a new look will be unlocked as well;

If the Advance fails, the Souls used will not be returned, but 5% success rate will be accumulated until the Advance successful.

Tales of Solaris

Change of Avatar:

All the Avatars of the Divine Beast can be found in the Avatar Tag, you can choose from all the available ones;

The change of Avatar will not affect the attributes of the Divine Beast;

All the basic 9 Avatars can be obtained by nurturing the Divine Beast;

More Avatars can be obtained through other ways in the game.

Tales of Solaris

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