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There are mainly six classes in Tales of Solaris: namely Warrior, Wizard, Sniper, Priest, and Assassin.


[Introduction]:Warriors, the respectful class that depends on strength and sword to battle, have experienced numerous tests in the history and master the most effective fighting and survival skills. A good warrior must acquire various tactics, cooperate with different battle companions, and actively take the role of tank in the team.

[Features]:Great physical attack and defense power.


[Description]:Master of sword with excellent physical attack and defense abilities.

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[Introduction]:Wizards are experts of psychic power and use totem as their weapon. They bring endless nightmares to enemies as their control over body and soul will be deprived. Wizards are not good at killing, but they will be the most terrible ones if they get the chance.

[Features]:Control of psychic power, can manipulate enemies at will.


[Description]:Master of curses, runes and spells.

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[Introduction]:Snipers are masters of firearms and specialized in dealing large amounts of damage from range. However, they need to hide in hard-to-see spots or be covered by companions.

[Features]:Powerful multi-player attack.


[Description]:Master of long-distance shooting, skillful in sniping and shot fire.

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[Introduction]:Priests are good at supporting and healing skills. It is said that their power is bestowed by the god of Morias. Priests are quite popular and are regarded as the embodiment of benevolence and redemption. Excellent priests can keep a team survive till the last minute.

[Features]:Supporting and healing


[Description]:Master of healing skills, guard their companions.

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[Introduction]:Mages use wands turn spirit into destructive power. Though magic cannot be used on large scale due to the high requirement of mental force, mages are still the invincible opponent of human bodies.

[Features]:Magic attack, high explosive power.


[Description]:Master of powerful magic attack.

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[Introduction]:Assassins are skillful in daggers. They are good at dealing quick powerful damage on key positions of their enemies. Successful assassin can even attack at a speed which is beyond the extreme.

[Features]:High speed, high critical hit, high dodge rate.


[Description]:Master of deadly kill, has extraordinary moving speed.

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