Tales of Solaris Guide: Bloodline Awakening

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Let your pet breaks through the shackles of bloodline in Tales of Solaris!

Go to Pet Boost interface, click Bloodline Awakening to start.

Tales of Solaris


1.There are 6 types of bloodline, which are Nature, Beast, Iron, Eternity, Night and Dragon. Every bloodline has 13 different attributes. Upgrade bloodline enables a pet to get corresponding ability.

2.You must follow the order of bloodline awakening.

3.When all bloodline attributes are awakened (lit up) once, you can start a second round of awakening to get greater attributes.

4.Bloodline awakening can be done 10 rounds, from lv.1-9. Different levels cost pill of different amount/quality. High grade pet pill can be synthesized by lower grade pills.

5.Pet Pill can be bought at Shop-Pet, or be obtained from Pet Book.




Low Pet Pill


Medium Pet Pill


Advanced Pet Pill


Super Pet Pill


Holy Pet Pill

Note:Awakening may fail. The success rate is related to current level/bloodline type. The higher the level and the more noble the bloodline, the lower the success rate will be. For every failed awakening, success rate will increase by 5%.

Pet Book

You can retrieve the profile of all pets here.

Tales of Laputa

1.Pets are displayed from the lowest rating to the highest. Pets with higher rating have higher value.

2.Unlock pet and let it fight in battle can unlock corresponding profile in Pet Book.

3.The number of pet sachets you can draw equal to the number of unsealed pets. You may get Pet Pill by drawing pet sachets. The more pets you unsealed, the greater reward will be.

Note:You can only have one draw per day. Please unseal pets before clicking pet sachet draw.

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