Tales of Solaris Guide: Arena

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How to enter The open time of single Arena is fixed. You will find countdown under the "Arena" icon before its opening and click the icon to enter before the countdown is over. Players will be divided into two groups levelwise In Tales of Solaris . The Arena entry will close when countdown is over.

Tales of Solaris

Tales of Solaris

Before the event

There will be a short period of time for you to get ready after you enter the Arena. You are free to enter and leave the Arena. Please note that no buff items can be used in the Arena, please be prepared before you enter.

During the event

After the event begins, players will all be anonymous. The two teams are "Blue" and "Red", and the PK will begin, PK winner will get points and arena credits for each kill. Killed players will fully resurrect at the resurrection point, then two choices available: Go back to the PK again, or leave the Arena.

Claim the rewards

Rewards are calculated based on the total combat power of the players you killed and your ranking, including: EXP, money, Courage Seal. Your total kills will be ranked as well.

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