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Tales from the Strange Universe:

With all of the games available on Kickstarter, it can be easy to let a few really fascinating ones slip through the cracks. Case in point is Tales from the Strange Universe, a MMO browser strategy game from Really Big Spiders.

The creators behind TFTSU started designing the project in an attempt to create an online, multiplayer strategy game. When they couldn't find one that suited their tastes and desires, they put together their collective skill to create TFTSU. Influenced by classics like Master of Orion and Civilization, TFTSU promises to be a unique strategy experience.

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The Strange Universe has been self-funded, up to now. Although major underwriting would be terrific boon, we knew our vision was likely too risky for a game publisher. Creative integrity is important to us, too.

Kickstarter is wonderful because it lets us connect directly with the players and what the players want. We're not just building the game for money. We're building this game because it didn't exist and we wanted to play it. That's what Kickstarter is all about.

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TFTSU is in the final stages of beta testing!

The Kickstarter will fund the rewrite of our chat system. That will increase our efficiency, allowing more players without any lag. This has to be done before we can grow our player base. If the Kickstarter is successful, pledgers ($20+) will receive an invitation to the beta. Our release date will be June, 2014.

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If we are even a dollar short of our goal we lose it all. Our development won't stop, but it will have to take place when we can find time for it. That will push our launch date back indefinitely.

I think the new diplomacy system is going to solve several balance issues that have plagued every online multi-player game I've ever played. The biggest issue being massive alliances joined through verbal agreements so they can get around in-game restrictions on alliance size. Exciting times!




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