Swords of Divinity Newbie Guide

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Welcome to Swords of Divinity, a turn-based strategy game. We have created a beginner's guide to help you become the greatest Hero in all of Silvermoon! Let's Get Started!

Increase Combat Power
Combat Power is the name of the game. The higher your Combat Power the greater chance you have to fight of friends and foes. By gaining three-stars in your battles and quests, you will obtain greater rewards to increase your Combat Power.

a. Gears
Gears or Equipment can greatly increase your Combat Power. The higher the attributes, rarity, and overall strength of your gears, the higher your Combat Power will increase. Make sure you always upgrade your Gear and seek out the most rare of them all.

b. Mercenary (Mercs)
Mercenaries are your best friend. They are your #1 companion and will go into each battle with you. You must pick and choose your mercenaries wisely as each mercenary have different skills and stats. For example, some mercenaries may give your whole team a buff or even increase your heroes ATK power immensely. Mercenaries can be upgraded through Level, Boost, Core, Vital, and Ascend found in the Merc icon.

Mercenaries are further divided into Common, Rare, and Legendary Mercenaries. The rarer the mercenary the great Combat Power that is possesses.

The higher level your mercenaries the great attributes that it will gain giving you great Combat Power. The greatest mercenaries can unlock combination attacks to greater increase your effectiveness in battles.

c. Mount
Mounts can be obtained when completing Main Quests. Mounts need to be trained using Mount Training Pills. The higher the level the greater the attributes and Combat Power that you will gain. Every Mount Level Advancement will unlock and new Mount Skill that greatly increases your effectiveness in battles.

d. Wings
Wings are not just attractive to the eyes, but they also hold great divine powers that will come in handy in difficult situations. Wings can be upgraded using feathers obtained through Cross Server Battles.

e. Artifacts
Artifacts is another great way to increase your Combat Power. By clicking the Workshop Icon , you will be able to gather different components to further increase your gears Combat Power and effectiveness. Each player will have 20 attempts per day to gather Artifcats by completing puzzles. Once you find all the required components you will then be able to Combine and Equip to increase your Combat Power. Once you reach a high enough level you will unlock the Seal and Enchant functions in the workshop that further strengthens your hero.



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