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Sword Girls

With the English Open Beta Test for Sword Girls Online just around the corner, I decided it's time write up my review of the game. I have actually been playing the Korean version of this game for about half a year now and I must say, it is one of the most enjoyable online card games I have ever played. Still having seconds thoughts on whether or not you should try out this game? Then maybe reading up on my review may change your mind!

Sword Girls Revies

One of the coolest features of Sword Girls Online is that you can play the game on the go, just as long as you have flash enabled. You'll be able to play this game on your smart phones, net books, tablets, and etc. As far as I can remember, the last card game I was addicted to was the widely popular offline card game called Magic the Gathering. Sword Girls is fairly easy to pick up and learn compared to other complicated card titles like MTG and such.

Sword Girls Revies

Factions & Characters

Upon creating a new account you'll be given a choice on which starting faction you want to start with. As of the moment Sword Girls has four main factions which are Vita, Dark Lore, Crux and Academy. Just to clear things up, you'll be able to craft and switch your main Character Cards in the future. Other than the main faction leader Character Cards, there are a lot of other playable cards to choose from like Dungeon Boss Cards and such. Each faction has their own unique follower and spell cards ranging from Maids, Witches, School Clubs, Vampires, Knights, and many more. I was bit fascinated by the cards that belonged to the Dark Lore, so I ended up choosing that faction over the other ones.

Sword Girls Revies


As I have previously stated Sword Girls is very easy to pick up and learn. There are three main types of cards when you're in battle. You have your Character Cards which are more like your leader cards and have a set amount of HP. Then you have your Spell Cards which can aid you in battle or bring misfortune to the enemy players. Lastly, you have Follower Cards that you will be placing on the board/field to fight for you. To successfully win a match you must take the enemy Character's Card life down to 0 or make them use up all of their cards.

Sword Girls ReviesSword Girls Revies

The field can only hold a maximum size of 10 and you can only summon a up to 5 cards at once. For example, some followers takes up 5 slots on the field, which means you only have 5 more slots left if you were to put that card in to play. So if you want to buff up your follower with a size of 5, you can then throw down a spell card that either costs 2 or 3 slots. Now you should have 8/10 slots left on the board. If you happen to have a size 1 or 2 follower card, you can then set that down on the field leaving you with 10/10. From here on out you can press the Ready button and enjoy the magical Sword Girls action show.

Extra Features

When it comes to extra features, Sword Girls has got it all down to the core. This game has a lot of things for you to do. For example, you can craft all of the cards in the game using the Science Lab. Most of the materials required for crafting the cards can be obtained through daily Events, Quests, Dungeons, PvP'ing, and etc. This is one of my more favorite features in Sword Girls because it gives players more freedom. I have always found myself farming a lot in the KR version of the game. Collecting materials was a little bit troublesome for me, but in the end it's all worth it. Especially when I was able to craft the higher tier cards for my deck.

Sword Girls ReviesSword Girls Revies

Sword Girls has a lot more cool interesting features like a Cafe area where you can gift your Character Cards items. When your character reaches 100 favor, they will transform into a different character with different kinds of stats and a new look! Then there is a Gym where you can train your followers, class rooms, campsites, and many more. If all these nifty features sparks an interest in you, then I suggest you check out the Sword Girls Online Game Guide. You will find a detailed explanation on some of the other awesome features this game has to offer. If you're the type of person who gets bored of reading game manuals, then just watch their recently released Lab Orientation Video for Sword Girls Online.

Sword Girls Revies



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