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Sword Girls

By Jason Van Horn from

Sword Girls is what you'd get if you mixed the card battling of a Magic The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh with the mind of a perverted otaku addicted to anime and manga. I say that and it sounds bad, but it's actually one of the reasons I first sought the game out. Unicorns and three-headed dragons are cool looking, but honestly I'd rather look at hot anime girls in various provocative outfits. Sword Girls isn't a card ogling sim, however, as there's quite an in-depth card battling system underneath that pin-up paint job.

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With your deck fully built, you'll go to a board where your character has five empty slots around them, which are where you'll place your followers and spells to activate them. When the game first begins, you'll be dealt out a series of cards that will represent your hand; these are the cards that you can play to the field. The catch is that every card is represented by a "size" number ranging from one to five and generally speaking the higher the card size the more stat points it has to compete with; you can play any card you want so long as the combined size of the cards on the field don't total more than ten.

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Sword Girls features a nice single-player system, as you can fight your way through a series of dungeons in order to earn materials, accessories, be able to buy extra cards with tokens, and even earn some rare boss cards if you're able to take a dungeon's boss down ten times. The dungeons are split into difficulties and with bosses that are higher and higher up the food chain. For a beginner dungeon you might only have to climb ten levels in order to fight a dungeon's boss, but for the more difficult dungeons you could have to climb 40 levels. If you beat a level you move up a level, but if you lose you go back one. If you leave a dungeon your place is lost, though you can spend a few tokens in order to save your spot for the next time you want to tackle the dungeon. Card battle games are all about the multiplayer, competitive aspect, however, and in Sword Girls you have two options: 1) Queue a battle up with a random person, or 2) Try to climb up the ladder rankings.

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I knew Sword Girls would be at least a nice game to look at what with its sexy anime girls on every card, but the thing that surprised me most was how customizable the game was in terms of deck creation as I never imagined that it was possible to include crafting systems in a card battle game. Battles don't take very long at all either, which made Sword Girls a perfect break game when I had some time to myself and yet not enough to delve into anything too demanding of my time; with Sword Girls I could jump in, complete a dungeon level or two, and then logout and still feel like I'd accomplished something. I'm looking forward to seeing more people jump into the world of Sword Girls as it comes closer and closer to its launch date.

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