Sword Girls Review: Exquisite Graphics & Sounds, Colorful Gameplay

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Sword Girls

By Sain, BBGsite Reviewer Team member

With the developer's painstaking efforts, Sword Girls has finally entered its CBT. I couldn't wait to have a try with numerous players. It is known that Sword Girls is a card game full of cute girls. Well, apart from that, what else attraction does it have? Find the answer below.

First Impression: (Highest Score: 10)

Graphics & Soundtrack: 9
Quest System: 8
Game Controls: 8
Game Systems: 8
Average Score: 8
Advantages: Exquisite graphics, excellent soundtracks, simple controls and diversified gameplay.
Disadvantages: Insufficient quests and undeveloped interactive functions.

Graphics & Soundtrack:

Myriads of players have been deeply attracted by its cute anime style before Sword Girls kicked off its CBT. Compared with existing card games, Swords Girls prides in its delicate graphics. Adopting gold as the base color, the game constantly presents various girl cards on the left. In the meantime, exciting background music can kindle players' passions for battle. What are you waiting for? Come take up your cards and lead your girls to fight!

Sword Girls Screenshot

Operation Interface

After entering the game, players will see a brief introduction to the game instruction and then proceed to the main interface. Similar to most card games, Sword Girls has a simple operation interface. All functions are shown on the right of the screen.

Sword Girls Screenshot

General Introduction:

1. Quest System

Get familiar with the quest system first. By means of doing quests step by step, players can get a further understanding of this game. The quest system is not complicated, consisting of 3 parts: Beginner, Normal and Special. Detailed quest descriptions can be viewed on the quest interface. Thus, players can get accustomed to the game quickly even though they are new there. The developer is expected to add more quests after the test comes to an end.

Sword Girls Screenshot

2. Combat System

The combat system in Sword Girls is classified into Fight (among players) and Dungeon (Instances). Due to a limited number of testers, it takes players a long time to look for an opponent. So I prefer to the Dungeon System, which falls into Easy, Normal and Hard. We have given an account of the first beginner dungeon: Gold Lion Nold before.

Sword Girls Screenshot

Along with the evolvement of game, dungeons will become more and more difficult. One thing needs to be mentioned here, various special effects look definitely awesome in the course of battle. Well, whether you can defeat the final boss and pass through a dungeon depends on your strength.

Sword Girls Screenshot

Sword Girls Screenshot



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