Sword Girls Review: Super Cute, Super Fun

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Sword Girls

Sword Girls is a pretty fun and unique spin on collectible card games. Featuring unique anime art which is more than just appealing to the eye. I got to play this before everyone else and quite frankly, I was addicted from hour one. I'm not the type to enjoy browser based games as the convenience is kind of lost on me as I never travel around nor do I have a low budget machine, but I found myself taking time away from other BIG MMO's such as Rift and TERA to play this pretty much all weekend.

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The game starts off with a pretty inclusive tutorial which is very straight forward and rewards you for learning about the game. It teaches you about the games more complicated systems such as card crafting and how to play the game. The game has two main modes of play 'Dungeon Mode' and PvP Dungeon Mode is against bots increasing in difficulty and ending with a really hard 'boss battle' as you go through these the levels get harder and the opponent uses better cards and plays better. I was really impressed with the AI and the randomness of it, it felt like I was playing against a real player and it was never too hard or too easy.  I didn't get to play any of the PvP, but from what I can tell it looks like it will be a lot of fun as you can put in a lot of work into making your deck JUST right to suit your play style.

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Growing up I played a lot of card games, Pokémon, Yu-hi-oh, and those were great because they were addictive, the rules weren't too hard to understand and the game play was engaging and I feel like Sword Girls has all of these aspects within an online card game. The 'cash shop' currency is very reasonable priced and it doesn't set you too far aside from regular players so when playing others you won't lose and blame the cash shop as a free player.

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The crafting is a very interesting feature. You can create cards from items found in dungeons, you can train and upgrade your cards and you can break them down. There are so many different things to do in "The Lab" and none of it is too complicated. I liked seeing all the cards I could possibly make because it gave me a real idea on the cards and deck I wanted to build.

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The game play is situated around 3 different types of cards, A character card which you can only have one per deck. This is kind of your "Party Leader" I guess. It does it's effect every game and once your character card HP runs to 0, you lose. You have spell cards which buff/debuff and other effects to the team and you also have Followers which are a bit like expandable Character cards, they can die as much as you want, but you'd rather keep them alive.

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The gameplay is pretty fast paced and the art is really pretty. You can form strategies to beat your opponent but there's not so much to it that it becomes extremely confusing.

Overall the game was extremely fun, the cards art is very pretty and some of them are pretty 'hot' bear in mind that it IS a browser based MMO and does have its flaws, but they're easily over looked if you're someone who loves card games as much as I do.

Give it a shot, you'll love it!

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