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Sword Girls

In Sword Girls, wedding Dress character cards are card transformations that exist for every transformable character, which will always sport 36 HP, the same ability as the untransformed card, and only 1 DP in value. Perhaps most importantly, they have your favorite character illustrated beautifully in her full wedding attire! This guide will explain how to go about getting one of these cards in an efficient manner.

You can obtain the following Wedding Dress characters currently:

Sword Girls: Wedding Dress Sita

Sword Girls: Wedding Dress Cinia

Sword Girls: Wedding Dress Luthica

Sword Girls: Wedding Dress Iri

Sword Girls: Vernika

Sword Girls: Rosa

Sword Girls: Jaina

In the future the following Wedding Dress characters will be released as well:

Sword Girls: Clarice

Sword Girls: Rianna

The Basics of Wedding Dress Transformations

To transform a character into a Wedding Dress character, there are a few simple prerequisites. You need:
-The untransformed character card.

-Over 200 each of the Wisdom (Wis), Personality (Pers), Sense (Sens), and Glamor (Glam) stats on that card.

Then, you must reach 100 Like with that character and she will transform into a Wedding Dress character.

Getting Started

Weddings don't come cheap, and that applies in Sword Girls too! I don't know of a reliable method of obtaining a Wedding Dress character without expending tokens, however, some routes are less expensive in getting to a Wedding Dress character. You can find (estimated) cost comparisons at the end of this guide.

The process of Wedding Dress transformation can be broken up into two stages: card gifting and item gifting.

Oh, but first you'll actually have to acquire an untransformed character (if you don't have one already). All untransformed characters can be crafted in the Science Lab. In the case of Sita, Cinia, Luthica, and Iri, you can get them from the appropriate starter decks as well.

Stage 1: Card Gifting

The goal in this stage of Wedding Dress transformation is to raise two of your character's stats. Why two? Because, when you gift a card to a character it will raise one stat, and lower another. To find out what cards raise and lower what stats, please refer to the Swogitools website and utilize the Archetype filter. The important point is stats will not drop below 0, and which stat is raised and which stat is lowered is fixed depending on the card. Thus, if you pick two stats to raise mainly you can maximize the amount of stat increase you get out of your card gifts.

The card gifting stage can vary quite a bit, depending on your preferences. What and how much you gift will depend mainly on how much you wish to spend at this stage, and how long you wish it to take.

Option 1: Minimal Tokens

If you want to spend as few tokens as possible, then you will be crafting and gifting mainly Spell cards. The reason for this is Spell cards all take Books to craft, unlike followers which all take Cat Dolls and are harder to come by than Books. If you really want to maximize on how few tokens you spend, it is more efficient to craft 3 point spells, however that is very material intensive, so I suggest mainly crafting 1 point spells to gift. Be sure to balance your spell crafting depending on the ore you have available. You will need to craft roughly 200 cards, most of which will be spells.

When gifting to your character, remember to always gift in a balanced manner. For example, if you are gifting only spells, then gift her one spell that raises Wis, then one spell that raises Sens. This will help keep your two stats as even as possible, which will be important and save you tokens(!) at stage 2. The reason for alternating every time instead of say, gifting 10 +Glam cards and then 10 +Wis cards is that at 20, 40, 60, and 80 like the amount of the stat you get per gift increases, so if you gift a lot of one type at first the one you gift later will increase more.

At some point, your two "main" stats will reach 201+. At this point, you can either keep gifting the same type and raising those stats, or you can choose to alternate between followers and spells, while keeping the two "main" stats as close to 200 as possible.

Remember to stop gifting cards once you reach 98 or 99 Like! You don't want to accidentally transform your character into something else, and then have to start all over again.

Option 2: Fast and Balanced

If you want to progress through this stage a bit more quickly, then I recommend purchasing two Deluxe Starters (1200 tokens each). In this case, since starter decks are follower-heavy (21 followers to 9 spells each), I recommend gifting mainly Follower cards from the Deluxe Starters. Purchasing two Deluxe Starters will give you 168 follower cards. You may also opt to purchase one Deluxe Starter and then craft the remaining cards required to reach 98 or 99 Like.

At some point, your two "main" stats will reach 201+. At this point, I recommend alternating between followers and spells, while keeping the two "main" stats as close to 200 as possible. This will help get the most out of your Deluxe Starters.

Option 3: As Fast As Possible!

For the impatient out there, it's actually fastest to purchase just one Deluxe Starter, since you will run into a limit of how many cards can be gifted at the Cafe in one day before reaching 98-99 Like by only gifting cards. However, before gifting cards you should first raise LIKE to 40 by gifting Gold Rings. The reason for this is you gain more from card gifting the higher her Like is. Raising Like to 40 first will maximize the amount of your stats you can get with just one day's worth of card gifts. After you hit the daily limit by gifting cards or 98-99 Like (whichever comes first), proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Item Gifting to All Stats Over 200

Now that your character is at or close to 98-99 Like, the next goal is to raise all of your character's stats to 201 (or higher).

The most efficient way of doing this is to first gift her Parfaits until one stat exceeds 200. Parfaits cost 40 tokens each and raise a random stat by 3-7 (average increase 5). This item offers you the best stat increase per token spent, given that you need all four stats. Keep gifting Parfaits to her until one stat reaches 199 (or more). Depending on how you chose to do Stage 1, you may get to skip this step.

Next, raise the remaining stats to 197 by gifting the appropriate 50 token items. (Wis = Book Set, Sens = Rose Bouquet, Pers = Cat Ears, Glam = Underwear Set) These also increase randomly from 3-7, averaging 5. You can also gift the 10 token items, but the result will be more or less the same and it will take 5x as much clicking.

Next, after all stats are 197 or higher, top off her stats using the appropriate 10 token item (Wis = Book, Sens = Rose, Pers = Headband, Glam = Panties) to get her stats all at 201 (or higher).

The Final Step: Transformation!

Now that you've cleared the requirements for getting a Wedding Transformation, raise LIKE to 100 by gifting Gold Rings (40 tokens each). Do not try to gift her a card for that final Like, as in the 80-100 Like range each 1 point gift will change raise a stat by 5 and lower another by 5, which will likely knock you out of the 200+ range for all stats.

Sword Girls Screenshot

Congratulations! You now have your beautiful girl in her wedding gown. =)

Cost Comparisons

Listed here are three (approximately) ideal cases. "All Tokens" is using all Parfaits and Gold Rings to transform. "Feed Cards" assumes you use two Deluxe Starters. Fastest Method assumes you get your two stats to 200+ using the fastest option mentioned above. (*Your actual results will vary, these are estimates of ideal figures.)

I also included some adjusted prices, to account for the fact that buying Starters also includes buying some extra cards not used in transformation that may have some value. I used 80 tokens per character as a conservative estimate, and 6 tokens per spare spell/follower card.

Sword Girls: Wedding Transformation Ideal Prices

As a side note, I think somewhere inside 7000-8000 tokens is a reasonable figure (before accounting for spare cards) to spend in actually getting a Wedding Dress Character. I'm a little suspicious of some of my own numbers here...



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