Sword Girls: Major Card Tags

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Sword Girls

Sword Girls: Major Card Tags

Major Sword Girls Card Notes: The cards available in Sword Girls Online can be mainly divided into these groups or tags depending on their use. You can use these notes to learn the type of cards that you can use in game. If you have found this tag list helpful, please check out our other Sword Girls guides.

Sword Girls Ability Related

ability_addition : Anything that adds new abilities to anything.

ability_removal : Anything that removes abilities OR delays abilities until the next turn.

Spell Related Cards in Sword Girls Online

anti_spell : Targets spells specifically.

persistent : Spells that can remain on the field for multiple turns

Sword Girls HP Related Cards

direct_damage : Decreases the enemy’s Life.

heal : Increases your own Life

Buff and Debuff

buff : Increases Atk/Def/Sta of your own followers.

fatal : I applied this tag to certain buffs, debuffs, and removals. My criteria for this tag is as follows. For buffs and debuffs, it only applies to Atk and Sta, and the effect must scale, be uncapped, and be capable of inflicting at least +10 or -10 on a single follower. For removals, it must be capable of removing all 5 cards from the enemy field.

debuff : Decreases Atk/Def/Sta of enemy followers (only enemy).

Activation and Deactivation for Sword Girls

deactivate : Deactivates cards.

Strategy Placements

discard : Sends cards from the opponent’s hand/deck to the grave or removed from the game. Doesn’t include removals or self-discards.

draw : Causes you to draw cards from your deck.

move : Moves cards around on the field

noability : Spells that affect followers with no abilities. I did not put this tag on followers.

reactivate : Reactivates cards

duplicate : Followers that either have multiple versions with the same name or can be spawned by other effects. Characters and spells that can spawn new copies of followers.

recall : Moves your followers from your field to your hand or deck. Top or bottom doesn’t matter.

shuffle : Effects that either move cards from your hand to the bottom of your deck (artificial shuffle) or adjust the number of remaining shuffles for you or your opponent.

size : Any effect that changes the size of cards. Does not include effects that depend on size.

recycle : Returns cards from grave somehow (any method)

removal : Removes cards from the enemy field (destination doesn’t matter)

turn : Anything involving turn number

Sword Girls Online Misc Effects

faction_requirement : Requires either your character to belong to a specific faction or requires OTHER followers (besides the one with the ability in question) belonging to a specific faction to obtain ANY effect. I did not put this tag on any card that can obtain partial effects without the aid of specific faction cards (eg. Magic Eye). Note: This tag is currently in a separate column because it made it easier for me while tagging. I will consolidate them later.

random : Effects that depend on things you cannot see. Includes effects that are explicitly stated to be random and effects that depend on cards in your deck, your opponent’s deck, your opponent’s hand, or the coin flip.

reset : Resets stats or repeatedly fixes a stat to a set value

sacrifice : Basically any detrimental effects to yourself. Includes removal of your own cards from your field, hand, or deck, life damage to yourself, or debuffs on your own followers. I might need to revise this tag.

steal : Takes possession of enemy cards OR copies enemy cards

summon : Puts cards on the field for you (may spawn them out of thin air)

swap : Either swaps follower stats or exchanges cards with the enemy.

threshold : Requires a minimum number of cards in grave

undraw : Moves cards from your hand to the top of your deck (eg Celine)

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