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Sword Girls

Well, i'm sure i'm not the only one using a witch deck in open beta. So i'd like to discuss witches cards and decks here. Everyone interested is invited to post their ideas about this.

The cool thing about this darklore archetype is that witches cards have great synergies between them, and most of them have very useful abilities. Some witches can buff all witches, thats great for swarming strategies since the more witches in the field, the more are those abilities exploited. other thing i like about witches, is that they don't use "at the beginning of the turn..." buffs, those kind of buffs may look good but chances are that "at the beginning of the turn..." you don't have anything to buff.

Witches show a tendency to have great atk stats, and not so great sta/def stats, this is something that could be better or not depending on personal tastes, but i think that its something good, since sta buffs are cheaper and you will end up using them whatever your choice of archetype is.

Another good thing about witches is that ep7 starts a release of academy witches, the "witch cadets", and most of their spells can be used with darklore witches perfectly. I wouldn't try to combine these two kinds of witches, but its possible to do that.

The bad thing about this archetype is that some some of the cards are cash-only, they can't be crafted, although that wouldn't be a problem to those who can use cash. The other thing is that using witches and other archetypes in a deck won't be so good, since witches need other witches to work properly. Their abilities are not so good as individual cards, but when they are together in a deck they are worth a lot.

I'd like to introduce some the best cards for a witches deck:

Heart Stone Witch [7pt-size4-ep2]

Sword Girls Darklore Witches

This is from the ep2, its a solid follower and its ability is best used of course in company of other witches, like in a size 1-3-4 field setup including reading witch and refreshment witch. compared to becky flina, this one has less toughness but more atk, and its ability is used in battle, not after the skirmish.

Contract Witch [3pt-size4-ex1]

Sword Girls Darklore Witches

This is the darklore version of the feared crux knight pintail. its stats are different while the size is the same. as i said before, witches tend to have higher atk stats than other followers. i think this follower has a very useful ability but since witches are better used with swarming strategies i wouldn't use in my deck because i will try to reduce the size of the followers and its ability requires to have a big size.

Lamp Witch [7pt-4size-ep3]

Sword Girls Darklore Witches

This one is the witch version of Red Moon Aka Flina. a regular autobuff based in the opponent def can be really good, ans since it will be activated everytime she battles, it can give great advantage in atk fast. the fact that this ability takes the def to 0 can be good and bad, bad because you can't give her def buffs, but at the same time, its good because she won't be affected by def debuffs either.

Witch Baker [3pt-4size-ex2]

Sword Girls Darklore Witches

This is, in my opinion, the best witch card. there are rare witches with good abilities, but this one can have 3 copies so it gives much more consistency to the deck. its ability is to give -1 size to a witch in your hand, that is great, but also that follower first ability will be copied to baker. imagine you have heart stone witch in your hand: baker will give a +2/+2 buff to every witch in your field, and the ability will be erased, but baker can copy it again, giving this buff everytime, thats simply too powerful. or if baker takes horrible witch ability, it can give itself a +2/+2 buff, but the -1 def won't work since its the second ability. so we can say that witch baker can make a better use of the other witches abilities than themselves, or can use a rare witch ability while keeping it safe in your hand. also baker can accumulate abilities, so its amazing. but it can't be created, so i can't use it.

Dark Witch Seven [33pt-3size-ep7]

Sword Girls Darklore Witches

this is one of the rare witches. its seven from academy, with the ability to debuff enemy followers by banishing darklore cards from your grave. seven is one of the best rare followers, and being a witch now its even better.



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