Sword Girls: Deck Editing Guide

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Sword Girls

This little tutorial is to help those stuck with even the most "basic" features of Sword Girls.

Today, we will start with "Deck Editing" or "Deck Building":


In the above screenshot is the "Lobby", the main page you will be seeing frequently in the game, and the page you will be accessing the majority of your card battling journey.

Select "DECKS", which will be in the right hand menu.

Sword Girl Deck Editing Guide


After clicking "DECKS" you will be taken to the "DECK" page, on this page you will see your previous and recently brought/won cards in your deck.

To the left of the page will be the names of the CURRENT CARDS IN THE DECK YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING, and beside the names are REMOVAL ICONS and NUMBER OF THAT CARD IN YOUR DECK.

Sword Girl Deck Editing Guide

In order to remove a card you do not need or have too many of, you must click that icon once, or however many times you need to remove that card from the deck.


To add cards to your deck, you must simply MOVE YOUR MOUSE OVER THE CARD YOU WANT TO ADD, rolling over that card will highlight it in a burgundy color, and clicking that card will add it to your deck.

Sword Girl Deck Editing Guide

(Sometimes a speech bubble will appear next to the card picture to confirm that you have added it)


~ Don't forget to save changes to your deck!

(Many forget to save the changes they've made to their decks and have lost a very good deck build)


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