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Supremacy 1914

If you want an especially exciting game, you can create a goldround for yourself and your friends. This allows for you to choose from a variety of additional features and extra units. The price for playing in a gold round is always 5,000 Goldmark for each player, no matter which features or how many of them you have chosen. If you have enough Goldmark you can also pay the entry fee for your friends by inviting them into the gold round. Below you can find instructions on how to create a gold round and which features and playing condistions you want to play with.

Choosing a scenario

Currently, you can choose between three different maps when you create a new game:

"Europe 1914"

Supremacy 1914

"The Great War"

Supremacy 1914

"Europe 1910 Historic"

Supremacy 1914

This is the only scenario which is solely available as a gold round. The other two scenarios automatically become a gold round once you choose one or more gold features.

Gold Features:

Team Mode

You can choose whether players are supposed to play individually or as teams.

Supremacy 1914

Choose "No Teams" if you want all players to play individually.

Supremacy 1914

Choose "Free Teams" to decide on the composition of your teams yourselves and to choose the number of teams playing in the game.

Supremacy 1914

Choose "Scenario Teams" for teams with a preset historic situation.

You will then become part of one of the historic alliances, according to the country you choose:

The Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia, and Italy)

The Central Powers (German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire)

The third team are the Neutrals (Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Norway, and Morocco). This team is played solely by AI opponents!

After the teams have been chosen, their members will play together for the entire duration of the game. Betrayal among team members is not possible, because they cannot attack each other. Members of the same team always have the right of way.

Teams and Maps

The map "Europe 1914" can be played in all three team modes.

The map "The Great War" can only be played as individuals or with Free Teams.

"Europe 1910 Historic" can only be played with Scenario Teams. Unlike in the standard scenario, the resource production of a province is dependent on its population. The countries on this map thus differ in size, population, and military strength. This means the initial setup between countries is highly unbalanced, but the Scenario Teams as a whole are roughly balanced.

Victory Conditions

Here you can decide how the gold round should end.

Supremacy 1914

In the standard mode, a game ends when the first player has reached 50% of all available points in the game, i.e. 1,000 points.

Supremacy 1914

"Domination" means, the game ends when the first player has reached 75% of all available points, i.e. 1,500 points.

Supremacy 1914

The "Supremacy" mode only ends if one player conquers the complete map. That way he will earn 100% of all available points, i.e. 2,000 points.

Extra Units

You can add additional units to your gold round:

Supremacy 1914

Airplanes can be used for aerial reconnaissance and defending the airspace over your provinces.

Supremacy 1914

Balloons have a huge range of sight and are also used for reconnaissance.

Supremacy 1914

Submarines are virtually invisible and are an ideal wepaon against enemy battleships.

Additional rules:

Awarding of points

Gold rounds allow players to gain ranking points once two players have joined. Unlike normal games which require at least 6 players to join before they becomes ranked.

Beware: You can only gain points against Elite AI and human enemies. Victories over normal AI do not give any points.

Advanced Options

All advanced options can be chosen for gold rounds as they can be for the standard games.

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